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  1. That's interesting DS, atm I rather like the idea of not sewing... Are there any projects you've seen I can reference using just an adhesive with leather? Also can you recommend an adhesive? And do you think I will be able to achieve a professional quality job this way if done right with the adhesive and no sewing? Thanks a bunch.. I like the ostrich bow arm guard on your site.. fine work, nice watch straps too!
  2. Hi folks, I found myself with some free time and can’t really say why but I caught this bug to work with exotic leathers. We just finished a new section of our house and I’d like to do something special for the den area. I'm thinking of wrapping or trimming a flatscreen TV frame in some type of exotic leather - either ostrich, lizard, alligator or python to give you a better idea. My brother happens to own a TV store in Arizona so luckily I’ll have a few TVs to learn on which I am sure I will need! I may also at some point do some other projects with the skins, but for now the TV is just something I’d like to focus on.. Any ideas or suggestions for what sewing machine I should buy? Again, I see myself likely doing more projects in the future with exotic skins - so buying a sewing machine that costs more than it would to have it made by a pro is a nonissue. My concerns are that I’ve never seen something like this before and sewing on a TV obviously near the screen and on top of the plastic… I imagine I would use a layer of cowhide under the exotics. Hoping to get some good advice from the fine experts on this forum and anyone else who wants to chime in. Tell me what you think.. thanks ya'll Buck
  3. Beautiful detail. You sir are an artist. Look forward to seeing more of your work soon
  4. A fine flask. Not bad for your first one by any man's standards
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