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  1. Looks like the letters are about 1/8 size? If so you might want to invest into the Tandy's 1/8 letter stamping set as it's less expensive then OTB (Ohio Travel Bag) set (I beleive could be made by Osborne) and others. Food for thought.
  2. If you are taking your photos off your phone to your computer, then you can also use the free app called GIMP it's a free open source photoshop like DTP/photo app tool.
  3. Very Nice !!! Was this a pattern of your own design?
  4. YinTx, Thank you for the information and your reply. I did not think about Fiebing's neutral antique paste, looking at their web page does no justice to the color swatches as the neutral looks a bit pinkish. I'll grab me some neutral antique paste and give it a go..
  5. If this has been covered and someone knows were the thread might be posted please share. I have tried searching the matrix and this forum, no luck as of yet. What I am wanting to do is thicken Fiebing's Oxblood in to a paste/and or antique finish. I like Fiebing's paste finishes and would love to have it in oxblood. Does anyone know of a method for making a paste base that I can add my oxblood dye to or other sprite/oil dyes to? Thanks in advance...
  6. Very cool !! Also like your work area, also very impressive.
  7. Art, What you say is very true. For the cost of me driving to Wichita Falls or any out of state event, I could buy three/four SK 1each form the different makers to try out. For now I believe I will go with BK as the cost is still less then Craftool, but not as much as the others. Also like many have said on other post on this topic, I will over time acquire more then one or two SK for my crafting. Thank you for your time and input.
  8. Thanks for the input electrathon.
  9. Thank you all for the information, I will do a bit more researching on the forums and take a look around at the other SK makers above.
  10. Invite please.. Bad jokes for the win
  11. Ok, I am looking at picking up another swivel knife and I would like to get input on what everyone thinks about Craft tool Pro Swivel Knife - Small: 3/8" (9.5 mm) diameter barrel with a 1/4" (6.3 mm) wide angle detail blade. $75 Berry King - Small: 3/8" diameter barrel with a 1/4" wide angle detail blade. $50 SK-3 Custom Swivel Knife by Leather Wranglers $150 I have the Craftool Swivel Knife Deluxe Adjustable now and would like to get a smaller detail knife but also an upgrade. I know that there may be other knifes out there and I would like to hear about them as well. What are peoples thoughts on the above knifes and have or do you use them now or in the past, what do you like or dislike about them? Thanks for you help and information. Edit - I guess this should have been put in the tools section, if a mod can move if needed cool!
  12. Nice!! I like them softail slims may look into getting one someday.
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