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  1. Jarhead44706

    G19 Pancake-style & Mag Pouch

    Looks pretty good. Thanks for sharing
  2. Jarhead44706

    Doing Solo Bobber- Video

    Thanks for sharing, can't wait to see more
  3. Jarhead44706

    Solo "Punisher"

    That is awesome.
  4. Jarhead44706

    Recent Builds

    Those are great. Thanks for sharing
  5. Jarhead44706

    HD Heritage Bags...

    Those are really nice.
  6. Jarhead44706

    more bespoken stuff.....

    That turned out pretty nice
  7. Jarhead44706

    Fender bib

    Pretty nice
  8. Jarhead44706

    New tank bib for my Suzana

    Always blown away by your work
  9. Jarhead44706

    First Biker Whip

    That did turn out pretty good. Nice job
  10. Jarhead44706

    Solo "Custom Choppers"

    Great work
  11. Those are really nice pieces of work.
  12. Been awhile since I posted anything. Thank you Jeff for the pattern.
  13. I have found pint rest is a good source for tooling patterns
  14. Jarhead44706

    Fuel bottle holder

    That gives me an idea.... Thanks for posting