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  1. Thanks for the anti wicking tip Northmount, I'll remember that as I'm overly cautious dying details, absolutely hate watching it wick while I sit there saying "Stop, stop, stop"....it doesn't seem to listen & keeps flowing on it's merry way....then I swear, lol! I've not had great success dip dying large items so I'm steering clear, belts & small items I'm fine with but anything large I'm just awkward & uncordinated & stuff it up. Jenn
  2. Wow Silverd thank you so much for your detailed reply, I haven't checked in for a month or more, hence late acknowledgment I've never heard of Goof Proof, just looked that up & can't seem to access it in Australia, maybe why I'm oblivious to it, but if I could get my hands on it without paying exorbitant international freight expenses I'd grab some in a flash...but don't like my chances! Yeah I'll be steering clear of the wet dying unless as mentioned the leather is extra dry or maybe I won't even do that as I find smearing a little neatsfoot also tends to rememdy that problem...nice to know if I run short of neatsfoot I can fall back on saddle oil. Yeah I love my air brush too, it just offers so much more control, I recently made a "facehugger" mask using the same technique for edges, turned out great, I may have a pic of or two of that! Thanks for colour tips too much appreciated. Yep you definitely helped! Jenn PS Check out the pics...excuse the different colour outcomes between both pics, one is under lights the other in daylight.
  3. Yeah that's true, that's what I do with the neatsfoot for even colour, it can also lighten a little but not much & like you will just recoat...thanks fredk
  4. That makes sense regarding dry area's, that's what possibly went wrong with the larger piece I dip dyed with the dye grabbing in certain area's....note to self....will moisten beforehand & see if I gain bettter results! Thank you
  5. Arhh yes, the multi directions is a great anti-streak technique, glad you mentioned that, thanks! I never use daubers they are just too narrow & never happy with the end result, I'll stick with high density sponges & I love my air brush.
  6. Thanks for the heads up & had fully intented too & have but haven't posted pic's....so what's your dying process out of curiosity?
  7. Yep, I'll just keep on keeping on with my normal process which is using a dense damp sponge on dry leather, sometimes I 50/50, sometimes I don't, I use the air brush for certain effects, although I do smear on an ever so light coat of neatsfoot before dying anything which I find gives me a more uniformed dye job. I also experimented with dip dying a larger project (usually only use this process on small pieces) & nahhh not happy with the outcome, the edges dye deeper in colour & the leather also grabed extra dye in random places. So I'm happy with my usual process....I ain't fixing what ain't broke! But I am a curious cat & love learning others process's.
  8. Thanks for your reply Yin Tx, so I've done a little experimentation & there didn't seem to be any difference in colour just longer drying time, so you're absolutely right there's no notable advantage.
  9. Hi everyone, I've been lurking around here for years & never posted. I have a question about dying...do you moisten your leather before dying with pro dye, I'm not knew to dying but I've never moistened the leather first, I usually just dry dye...so do you recommend wet dying?
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