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  1. rusty i've made up a letter on saddle help n sales its a form letter but it carries a message if interested pm me n i'll send you a copy adios pete

  2. I never dilute it, but if you want it lighter you can block out, or resist, whatever you want to call it. Tandy's website has some free videos on it on different things, by George Hurst, might be helpfull for you.
  3. Alot of people use scrap sheep skin, trimmed down to about 1/2 inch thick, and others use wool daubers, like you can get from Tandy. I use the daubers, it's just what works best for me, but if I was doing a large project I would use the sheep skin.
  4. My brother's neighbor went there and I think it's a whole semester, it's not just a couple week course. He turned out some nice stuff, and his final was a saddle, he is making leather covered ticket books for Tulsa P.D. now.
  5. I'm not sure what they bought, but they had money to spend, if they spent $117.19 back then at a leather shop. It's all I can do to spend that much now days.
  6. I think the Class 3 will do all you want it to, but you might want to get ahold of Steve with Cobra, and let him know what you are after. He will know all your answers
  7. Wood carving isn't one of my strong points, unless you count sharpening a hot dog stick.
  8. I thought Tandy still carried it, but wouldn't be the first time I've been wrong
  9. The best for the lowest price is a Tippmann Boss, which is what I have, but very time consuming, IMO the best for what you need will probably be a Cobra, it'll handle the thickness, and do it quick.
  10. I've dealt with Brenda too, very happy with her service, but her price has gone up, and I know there are some on here that it's more of a hobby for them, than a business. So I'm hoping to avoid the overhead of some of the bigger makers. Since it is a 4H club I'm hoping to get a deal on the price........you never know
  11. With all the people on here that can make stamps, I figure I will let them come to me, instead of finding them. I need the lowest price on a 1 1/2" or so stamp for our new & only youth equine club, I am going to teach them some leatherwork this winter, while it's too cold to work with the horses, and due to the serious lack of funds, I am going to have to pay for the stamp with our logo on it, out of my own pocket. I figure about 1 1/2 inch cause they are going to make some key fobs to sell this spring. Here is the image I want. It's kind of a small pic, but you get the idea. Thanks, Rus
  12. Also on Tandy's website, they have some nice corner patterns for free, just download & print.
  13. I know what you mean, these are just a few of the patterns I could find laying around that I already had, that I just traced. If I had any talent at drawing I would be able to fill in the space. I got to thinking after I finished it that I should have started in the center. Now I'm out of tracing film, so it'll be after a trip to Hobby Lobby before I try again, and a trip to Tandy for some books, or maybe Hidecrafter. Thanks for the advice.
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