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  1. Cbruce32

    Landis #3 Harness stitchers for sale

    do you still have these machines?
  2. Cbruce32

    Singer 111W155 Timing/thread Issues

    Thanks for the replies. I will give those things a shot. Most of the issues are when I'm sewing around the English point on a belt or figure 8's. I've tried slowing down and even tried manually turning with the wheel. I was curious, if I'm using a 22 needle and sewing 138 poly thread would it be possible that as I turn the leather ever so slightly, on the English point let's say, could the needle hole be small enough that it turns the thread with the material causing a twist and not allowing the machine to pull the thread back though? Just a thought I had. Thanks again for all the replies and advice. Calib
  3. Cbruce32

    Singer 111W155 Timing/thread Issues

    Hello to any who might be able to help. I have a 111w153 and it sews really tight stitches going straight. Very even and right. I have done a lot of adjusting on the machine and finally got it to sew well. The only problem I have is when I am sewing around the end of a belt or making a tight corner the top thread won't pull the bottom thread all the way center leaving a bit of the loop on the bottom of the garment. As soon as I straighten out stitches are tight again. Curious if anyone knew why this was happening. Thought maybe there is a take up timing issue but not quite sure. The loop is more like a wart or a knot. Have a servo motor and speed reducer on the machine.