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  1. Hello, please when you have time check on your purschase history. ( My ebay--> Purchase History) Thank you. I have sent email to Bruce but he didn't answer me. If you wan any eshop with pre-owned tools ,let me know. Thank you. It has only this osborne creaser http://www.abbeyengland.com/Store/tabid/77/CategoryID/202/Category2ID/129/List/1/catpagesize/0/Level/2/ProductID/75870/language/en-GB/Default.aspx
  2. Hello buddy how are you? Everywhere in Europe. I said for Europe because all the eshops from USA/or ebay dealers that i find they have 30-35usd shipping cost , and it is very high. I have seen the thread that you send me , and i didn't find any eshop that it has Aussie cream and dixon creasers. The leprevo has Aussie and neatsfoot ( http://www.leprevo.co.uk/aftercare.htm ) but the shipping cost is 25 pounds and it doesn't accept paypal. Patin-a (https://www.patin-a.de/ki/en/Shoe-Leather-Care-73.html ) has neatsfoot but it hasn't aussie , has only J & E Sedgwick´s leather care. I bought some products (fiebing dyes and some finishes) from www.rickert-werkzeug.de but it hasn't aussie. (The sedwick is the same as the aussie? i have read and for some other products: pecard's ,montana pitch blendpaste. All these are for the same work? which is better?) For the creaser , i see some eshops or some ebay dealers that they have the Vergez Blanchard that you told me but i see on pics that they have more sharp and thinner tip than the Dixon and i prefer something with more fat tip in front as to make more heavy marks on leather.After that i want to burn it in alcohol lamp as you told me. I do not find anywhere Dixon.Where i can find? I do not have problem to tell me and eshop from usa but with normal shipping cost What is your opininon may i buy something like this?--> http://brucejohnsonleather.com/files/gallery/watermark/2067/4968__CS_Osborne_2_single_line_creaser__30.JPG Despite i would like to buy one with adjustable- screw creaser.THe only one that i found similar with Dixon is this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/SADDLERS-LEATHERWORK-TOOL-ADJUSTABLE-SCREW-CREASE-MADE-IN-ENGLAND-DIXON-STYLE-/131447591473 What do you think? Thank you
  3. Hello, i am from Europe. I search to find one eshop that it has normal shipping cost and the famous fiebing aussie conditioner cream(it will be perfect if the eshop has and pure neatsfoot oil). Additionally i search to buy one screw-adjustable Dixon creaser but i can not find any eshop that it sells this one. Please if somebody knows let me know. Thank you for your time
  4. Hello nrk!!! How are you? Iam afraid for extra custom taxes. Cites are certificates that the leathers are legal and not from poaching.
  5. Hello Handsw !!!!! How are you? Thank you very much for your useful links. !!!! Have a great weekend!! Thanks for your time.
  6. Hello again Oakley !!!! How are you? Thank you very much for your time!!! I am from Europe , so i don't have any problem ιf the wholesaler is from Europe. It is important for me the wholesaler to have various of colors and online eshop , or something easy way as i can to choose and buy. Hello Simon , thank you so much. Iam looking for croco or alligator (i prefer belly alligator that has small texture) , polished stingray , ostrich leg ,shark and maybe and some toad. I wanth these to make watchstraps. So i want the wholesaler to have various colors. I will prefer somebody who has online page as to buy directly from his eshop. (In past i found one wholesaler on ebay but now i dodn't find him - maybe was deleted)
  7. Hello Tina ,thank you again.I am actually searching for various colors of croco,alligator,shark,stingray etc in polished and matte finish.If you see something please tell me. Hello Oakley ,thank you for your suggestions.I search for various colors of croco,alligator,shark,stingray etc in polished and matte finish.Is any tannery in Europe with exotics leathers? I mean more professional suppliers.Thank you again for your time.
  8. Maybe here is the correct place: Hello , i am strapmaker from Europe and i am looking for good and trusty supplier for exotic leathers based in Europe.. Especially i am interested for alligator , croco , shark , stingray and maybe ostrich leg. Of course i need the CITES certificates. Thanks
  9. wow your edges are amazing!!! You are ready man!!!
  10. Hello Tina! How are you? Thank you very much for your help! As i saw it has various of exotic leathers , very nice!!! But it has not shark ,alligator and croco that iam more interested . Do you know any other supplier ? I searched but i didn't find any good online supplier with nice and premium exotic leathers. Thank you
  11. Thank you so Much. 2 coats 50/50. Thanksssssssss
  12. Hello again , i try to make some watch straps. For finishing product what do you recommend me? (don't forget....it is for watch straps, so i need some good but with natural (not plastic or glossy) touch and good smell) Iam comfused....i saw these: a.leather balm with atom wax ---> http://www.fiebing.com/catalogue/top-finishes/?product=196 b. tan kote --> http://www.fiebing.com/catalogue/top-finishes/?product=198 c. leather sheen aerosol or liquid-->http://www.fiebing.com/catalogue/top-finishes/?product=202 d.water and stain protector spray--> http://www.ebay.com/itm/201444013404 e. 4 way care --> http://www.fiebing.com/catalogue/conditioners-cleaners/ f. Aussie--> http://www.fiebing.com/catalogue/conditioners-cleaners/?product=114 I have already bought Resolene (very glossy) and this but i would like to buy and another product that you recommend me. My leathers are chrome tanned like this but i will dye it in some places with fiebing dyes as to make it to look more vintage. So i need one good finish product because don't want all these dyes to discolor on my wrist. Thank you very much!!!
  13. Hello , i don't have very big experience because i'm in my beginning. So i can't answer you. I am confused with all these different dyes products. When you tell fiebings traditional color spirit dyes do you mean oil fiebing dyes? like this:? For finish which product do you use? ( it is for watch strap so i don't want to let stains or discolor on my wrist. I don't want the finish product to change the color or the texture of the leather) Thanks
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