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  1. The duffle bag is 20x10x10 for my wife to carry all her products and electrical devices when we travel. So it sounds like a double shoulder is the way to go.
  2. Generally speaking which is better grade of leather a double shoulder or a full side? I want to make a duffle bag and I’d like to use better leather. I know leather from one company is better than from another etc.
  3. I have a pancake type compressor. Is that too big for an airbrush system? What’s the air pressure needed for an airbrushing system?
  4. I would like to start airbrushing the edges of my leather projects. What airbrush model would you recommend and what mm nozzle should I have. I have an air compressor so all I need is the gun and accessories. Thanks and God bless
  5. I thought about making something like a ranger belt design but making the main body of the belt stop short of the buckle and tip.
  6. I would have to measure again but 6-10"
  7. I want to make a belt for my son-in-law but I don't have a single length of leather to make the entire belt. I need some ideas on how to make a design or something that doesn't look tacky to make the belt. Like maybe adding billets on the buckle and/or the tip end. Any ideas or patterns are greatly appreciated. Thank you and God bless.
  8. 10 best cobbler sewing machines per the internet. https://www.easygetproduct.com/best-shoes-sewing-machines/
  9. I've looked at these machines for a couple of years on Amazon and wondered if the higher price made the difference in finish. Or just making the seller more money. Do you recall who the seller was and did you get it off Amazon?
  10. I need grommets for an ax handle guard. Anything I find online looks too flimsy. What do you use for your projects?
  11. I can do holsters and knife sheaths as shown in the first picture. My problem comes with doing cases. I did the first brown case with a fair amount of work but I was able to get it done. The second case and a couple similar I couldn't get the leather stretched enough. I used 6/7oz leather. What am I doing wrong?
  12. For those of you who wet form. What thickness leather do you use? And does it matter what kind of leather as in stiffness or ply able? Thanks in advance for your help
  13. After much research I did find the following specifications below. Which is good to know if the seller refers to the snaps as line 20/24. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a standard description for snaps. Line 20: 3/16 in. (0.5 cm) post for 5 to 7 oz. leather 7/16 in. (1.1 cm) cap diameter Line 24: 5/16 in. (0.8 cm) post for 8 to 10 oz. leather 9/16 in. (1.43 cm) cap diameter
  14. I need some snaps for a leather project. However when look for snaps it's a bit confusing. They are in metric and standard measurements. Some give cap size but not post size. I'm trying to understand how to find what I'm looking for so I don't get a post size for 4oz leather when I need it for 9 oz or vice versa. In videos I often hear line 20 snaps, is that a standard size to use? I also see kits of 100 assorted sizes, is it advisable to get a kit for pricing? Or are they cheaper snaps that won't hold a project closed? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help and God bless.
  15. Thanks to everyone for your input. Greatly appreciated!
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