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  1. Artisan 5110 in NYC for local pickup. Very light use. I wanted to get into the craft but do not have the time to do so. please email : gregv82@yahoo.com for pics as this form does not allow pics over 1.46MB. Thank you
  2. For sale is a very slightly used Artisan 5110 Single Needle Post Bed Lockstitch Machine for pickup in NYC. Machine comes with table stand, servo and custom table for stitching flat which I purchased extra from artisan. I no loner have the time to pursue leatherworking so unfortunately I must sell machine to make space. It was very lightly used as I am by no means a regular at the craft. Asking price: $900 I can not ship. please email for more info/pics as I can not upload more than 1.4 MB gregv82@yahoo.com
  3. FHey man just read an old post of your on selecting/treating steel for knife making. I hope you don't mind if I ask a few questions. You mentioned 1084 steel does it hold an edge well? Easy to sharpen? Can it be sharpened on a water stone? I purchased a hss hacksaw blade Amazon link and made 3 small skiving knives out of it .(pic file to big to send) I do not have access to a belt sander . So I just shaped/sharpened/polished on a bench grinder/grinder/sandpaper and block/Waterstones . They hold their edge fairly well I think although I have to strop often for best results. If there is something better out there I'd like to give it a try. Is it safe to bake the steel in the oven without giving of noxious fumes? Is white steel the best choice for this application?
  4. Nigel mentioned an 0.4 , will that be available??
  5. very nice. what weight is the leather you used? im looking to make my own
  6. I'm gonna build a box for my post bed. So a can sew flat too. It should help save me some bread for the time being. When/if I decide to expand my shop I will add a flat compound machine next. Good luck man.
  7. One of the big recon guys suggested I get myself the patcher, as a beginner it certainly helped me understand these machines better (even made a few repairs on it) but It wasn't the machine for the job. If I had realized this sooner I would not have have purchased the 29k. I ordered a post bed today. I would just ask to use the patcher as much as the owner would allow and save my money for the proper machine.
  8. Where where you able to purchase your shoe lasts? Where where you able to purchase your shoe lasts?
  9. thanks for the response. its funny this whole time ive been debating flat or cylinder bed compound foot, but i never inquired as to the advantages to a post bed and roller foot. do you recommend any particular machine? im wondering if the wheel will mark veg tan. ive seen some youtube videos of what seems like production lines using this method on shoe-uppers and i definitely think its what i should be going for.
  10. I have the same issue with my machine. The timing gears sometimes lock up and may bust a needle and throw of the shuttle gears. Check the shuttle gears on the cylinder arm the may need to be re-adjusted this video helped me solve my issue: https://youtu.be/aQLre-l5RkU
  11. hello, beginner here with singer 29k-4 cylinder bed (1904 dated) i am self taught (outside of any info i found online and on this website). i am currently in the process of reconstructing a shoe upper (deconstruction of shoe and complete reconstruction with superior skins). my singer works well 85% of the time. sometimes the mechanism that transfers force from the hand operated wheel to the rest of the machine locks up and ends up throwing the shuttle arm and gears off. also the foot on the machine tears up suede and thin leather . i also have trouble sititching the uppers perfectly straight (maybe because the cylinder bed does not offer much working surface?) i feel like although this machine is great and gave me a much better understanding of how they operate i am considering adding a juki/pfaff/consew or any newer flat bed machine, mostly because i feel it is a more reliable product? and it would be easier to stitch perfect lines/curves with a flat bed machine. my question is: should i invest an a newer machine? (i plan on doing this for a while) or should i add a flat table to my singer and stick it out with a machine that works 85% of the time. i am gratefull for any info. thanks
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