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  1. I didn't see any mention in a search so thought I'd share: recently found web site "Tack Templates". She has a great selection both pdf and acrylic of bridles, breastcollar, halters and more. There is also a tack templates tips Facebook page.
  2. I bought this Juki refurbished from a member here a few years ago, made several bags and such, and have now moved on to other interests. I hate to selll but also don't like seeing a machine just sit idle. The LU563 is a workhorse with an extra large bobbin. It doesn't have reverse but that was never an issue for me. And shortly after I got and mounted it into the table from an old Singer tailor machine I had, I swapped out the old leather belt for an automotive V belt (I'm a car gal!) And even with the clutch motor, this thing screams! I have sewn long purse straps and it goes lightning fast without stopping. I have video and other pics that wouldn't upload due to size constraints. PM and I will email them to you. Asking $850/best reasonable offer. Located in Western Pa outside Pittsburgh. No shipping, no delivery, and I can't help lift this monster so if you do want it, bring muscle!
  3. Has anyone seen or made a pattern for something like this?
  4. Hi! I found this little but very valuable site about 6 pages in on a Google search at lunch last week. I like this pattern because of the addition of the trim and the 3 different ways to do it, and a couple of her others bags. She also has a cat bed/tunnel that I HAVE to make but won't need a pattern for that. She also has great clearance prices on some of her hardware. Just for example, I was working on the Concealed Carry bag which needs 1-1/4" rectangular rings etc. I got 4/$1.24, which I thought was pretty good.
  5. The pic was too big...And the error message was halfway off the screen of my phone so I didn't catch it. Will do it from computer tomorrow!
  6. I just finished this bag. Not perfect but...one of the largest and most complicated ones I've ever done but I like it!
  7. You're welcome. Also just found and bought a nice concealed carry purse pattern on Etsy. Seller is Americanstitchers.
  8. Hi , all! Part of my plan for 2018 is to spend more time here (and less on Facebook!) sharing our passion for all things leather. So here is my first "share": Check out Chriswdesigns.com. She designs handbags/purses for fabric but uses a lot of vinyl trim and I have made a lot of her patterns using thinner leathers that have been real stunners. I am finishing one this weekend that I will post pics of.
  9. You're welcome! It's hard to find good leather bag patterns and they have a lot of stuff. Their sister site is lzpattern.com. Would love to see your finished product!
  10. Just a heads up for anyone looking for a modern, ultra-chic handbag for their repertoire or a gift. Very easy to make! I have made several of them and modified the pattern to my own taste also. They had to change their title to eliminate the brand name, but you will see the unusual shape and front color block pattern in the photo.
  11. Nevermind...just answered my own question, and saw the problem for the intermittent problem I have been having with stitches, thread, bobbin issues (thought it was me, but obviously not!) It looks like the back foot bar is intermittently not picking up at all...just drags, then all of a sudden will start moving again. Maybe time for alittle TLC at the local shop I've been talking to! Thanks anyways!
  12. I still love my refurbed Juki that I got this summer, and it has been doing great! Since I have come to a point where I am making some purses now, I am getting less afraid of zippers, and want to start using them. I ordered zipper feet (both left and right) for it, and received them, but after installing them, realized that the serrated back foot holds the leather still, while the walking foot in the front pushes the leather. I guess if this were a "normal" zipper set up, with just a zipper and material on one side of the feet, it would be ok, but since this is in the middle of a purse, not so good! Any ideas? I was thinking maybe I could tape a smooth piece of steep or plastic to the bottom of the back foot so the leather would slide like normal, but is there an actual legit set up for this purpose? Thanks for any help!
  13. I was just surfing for an idea on a belt bag and came across Deviant Art, which I haven't been on for years, and forgot what fantastic artists and leatherwork are there! Amazing creations if you care to visit, and they spark a lot of creativity in me! www.deviantart.com
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