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    Dog agility, Shed hunting, anything outdoors. I love working with leather, that's why I'm here. I'm self taught and need help!

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    Dog collars, mug wraps, journals
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    finally obtaining that finished, professional look.
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  1. Moore, Where abouts are you in MN? I'm in the NW, Red River Valley area.
  2. Art, Fabulous idea. I have not sourced biothane, but I have used it in long lines when I train. Any good sources? This collar is nearly 2" at it's widest, can you buy biothane in sheets?
  3. Hello from Northwestern MN! I stumbled upon this forum and boy I wish I would have found you people earlier. I farm and have a small dog collar business on the side. I'm also very active with my dogs in areas of agility, flyball, dock diving, hunting, shed hunting and herding. I help others train their dogs too! I'm heavily into rescue work and have been known to foster up to 10-20 dogs a year. Outdoors is where I prefer to be, I'm a creative soul that loves to try new things. I tend to jump in and learn as I'm doing. My business is called Off Leash Collars. Since 2011, I have specialized in fabric dog collars and a little over ago, I started working with leather. I fell in LOVE with the leather medium and after much investment, I'm selling leather dog collars alongside my fabric ones. I also make memory leather cuffs and add a hand stamped name or saying to help people grieve the loss of a loved one. I am self taught and have learned mostly by trial and error. I have learned so much over the course of the year and I want to learn more. My craft has evolved so much and there are tricks to everything. I've searched for so many places to learn in person or a mentor since I'm such a hands on type person, but I have failed at finding any schooling type places. When I found this forum yesterday I was on cloud 9! My goal is to have a finished product to die for. Us crazy dog people love to deck out our pups! I'm needing help to make those tweaks in looking seriously professional, not just artisan. I have companies that are looking at my work and want to offer my collars for sale on their sites. Which brings up another topic of how much to charge. I've included a picture of one of my collars, all my other pictures are apparently too big to add
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