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  1. Five

    Hand made saddle trees

    Which of those companies are still making them ten years later?
  2. Pictures would help. Do you have a way to post photos of them?
  3. The saddle was made by the Utahn saddle company The tree was made by standard saddle tree of vernal UT - Thought it was bought by Timberline saddle tree so there may be some record since I think it may have been a custom order tree and I think a member here is the owner of Timberline. It had a long western fender but the tree wasn't meant for it and the modified hangar made the stirrup hand too low for any human to use so it was a very dry but unused saddle. I replaced the fender with a narrow stirrup for the time being and it hangs in the right place for me. Pics at link below, it was just oiled - it really is not that dark or splotchy. When was oakleaf and acorn carving popular? That might help narrow down the date.
  4. Five

    Looking For Someone To Work With In San Diego Area ,

    Tandy leather/ The leather factory has classes. If your Spanish is passable you could ask down south.
  5. I found a similarly carved Tex Tan in the 1973 western Horseman magazine. It had an earler model number and lacked the Tex Tan stamp but if Tex Tan won't get back to you check the ads in the old Western Horseman Magazines.ℑ=23995ℑ=23997ℑ=23996
  6. Five

    WH Ad

  7. I just need someone dedicated amature or pro within a hundred miles of Los Angeles California willing to make a custom bars to recreate antique western trees. can supply a back mold of the victim ... Opps, I mean horse model. I would like to to do the upper part myself so it is just the bare wood bars that I would like made and the distance because when I mess when I mess up and run it back he can explain why I messed up the upper the rawhide the laminating etc.... you get my drift I hope. I expect a few failures( and that is being optomistic) so he or she can expect repeat business from my end. Any leads will help
  8. i hope the pictures show up here. http://s298.photobuc...mm259/o14elise/
  9. Ambitious first post but... I have half a dozen old sidesaddles that I would like to restore but the trees need work first, Back then both the horses were smaller and rail thin. However all the new sidesaddle trees Circle Y Hiliason etc, are out of balance plus the secon horn ans the stirrups are out of place.n They look great when you look at them but when actually ridden in they dump the rider to the left. In short I need a treemaker local to Los Angeles California that would be willing to take on the task of refitting the bars on the old sidesaddle trees to fit arab, quarter or semi quarter, recovering the tree with rawhide for those made with rawhide. If you need pictures I can try to post pictures of what I have them later tonight if you wish.