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  1. I could tell you a way to make one with round stock, drill press and drill vise, cutting torch and a some quenching oil, but the easiest is call Bob Douglas Tools and for $20-$30 you can get a real nice one made of tool steel. Andy Stevens
  2. I know of one that may be for sale please email andy@andystevens.net for the info Andy Stevens
  3. It is a Barry King I think it is largest one he offers.
  4. Here are 3 floral carved purses I built last month, wanted to put them soon but just got the chance. If you are going to be in Sheridan stop by and say hi we will be at Great Basin Leather Company's booth on the putting green. Thanks for looking Andy Stevens
  5. Here is a saddle I just finished last week for a client in Kansas. For those who will be in Sheridan this week stop by our booth Great Basin Leather Company #3 on the putting and say hi. Thanks for looking, Andy Stevens
  6. I buy mine when I work up enough nerve to brave Wal-Mart and the brand I have found there is Gulf Wax.
  7. It will run around $15.00 for one side
  8. It depends on the grade and weight of the skirting if it is D grade $160.00 is high and if it is #2 its cheap assuming it is 13/15 oz. Also find out the drop thru the shoulder and if it is clean.
  9. Very clean and flows very well, also a good job on the layout. Andy Stevens
  10. andystevens

    Tapadero Lamp

    Bob, I hate to say this but the pictures just don't do this piece justice. I was able to see this piece up close and personal yesterday and you dun did a fine job on every phase of this piece. I do believe it was worth every Kojack moment you told me about over the phone when you where building this project. The only person that will give a little fuss over this will be Keith and he'll want to know the braided edge is at. Happy Trails and we will see you next week Andy
  11. Looks good Tom, but aren't you a little to big for one of these? Andy
  12. The interior is open no dividers with a series of different sized pockets on the side sewn to the liner this was all done according to the clients needs.
  13. Here is another project I have built lately, it is a large size scrap book cover. Andy Stevens
  14. I have not posted any pictures for a couple of years so I thought I would jump back on this train. This is a zipper top briefcase I just finished. Thanks for looking, Andy Stevens
  15. Glad to here Chris it was to good of a line to just die! Andy Stevens
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