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  1. Is anyone at all familiar with the Sage Brush Saddle Shop in Texas? I cannot find any information online or elsewhere. I am looking at a saddle that I have little to no information about other than what is in the pictures. It is a rawhide wrapped wood tree, the leather appears to be thick and supple and the stitching is tight, neat and straight. Does anyone know anything about the maker? Or can anyone offer any insights on the apparent quality of the saddle? Anything would be appreciated! Thank you
  2. Looking for advice on what I can do with this saddle! Is there anyway to deglaze the seat and dye it another color? I am hoping to take it to a dark brown or mahogany color if possible. Also, the basket stamp portion on the skirt and pommel has a glittery finish - yes, GLITTER! Is there anyway I can remove this? I love this saddle - it is very comfortable and I use it all the time for barrel racing but it is just plain tacky! Any advice is appreciated!
  3. Thank you! Figured it out and it wasn't nearly as difficult as I had thought
  4. Can anyone offer instructions on how to lace slotted conchos as seen in this picture? I've been staring at it for days and cannot figure it out! Thanks!
  5. I unthreaded the machine and started with the basics. Ran some material through and adjusted the pressure foot tension. Rethreaded the needle and started stitching, constantly adjusting tension. I don't have it perfect yet but I have it functioning much better. I will keep practicing and tweaking. Thanks everyone for your help!
  6. I have carefully made sure I am using the full stroke - still having the issue. When I watch the shuttle, the hook does not consistently catch the needle thread. I have adjusted the rack stop screw and can't seem to solve the problem.
  7. Please help - my Tippmann boss is missing stitches/not stitching at all. Using 277 thread and a 200 leather point needle. Trying to sew 8/9oz veg tan (single layer). Tension adjusted as per instruction manual. Tried turning needle, adjusted rack stop, nothing is working!
  8. Does anyone have any experience in making a set of rawhide panniers for packing? Specifically looking for instructions including measurements and the amount of material I actually need. Thanks!
  9. Does anyone have a good used Tippmann for sale in Canada? The exchange rate is not too favourable at the moment! Willing to pay for shipping of course. Thanks
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