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  1. charlesskelter

    Help me do this belt properly

    OK, I've watched several belt videos but as I've gone looking again they are missing the info I'm looking for. In the past I made two "belts" that were basically just a strap with a buckle, stamping and painted with some less than stellar edging. I cringe just thinking about them. What I have now and what I've done so far: 1 1/2" belt, cut to size. Cut out for buckle. Cut end. Edge grooved. Made stitching holes in groove. Edged belt. Now I need to know the best order to finish it up. I need to dye it (black) front, back and sides. I need to smooth the fibers down on the back. Edge it. Seal it and stitch it. Last time I dyed the back side of some veg-tan (a sheath I made) it got extremely stiff and obviously I don't want that to happen in my belt. Did I do something wrong to cause this? Just cheap leather (it was Tandy leather)? Thanks for any tips and insight!
  2. charlesskelter

    Maverick Leather

    A little late follow up. 1/18 I got a call and message stating payment request had been sent twice and if I didn't pay for the order by the end of the next day it would be cancelled and reflect on my account. I had yet to find a supplier that had everything I was looking to grab available and thanks to snow I had the day off and was able to return the call. Turns out whomever tried to invoice me had the email wrong. Considering that I'd contacted them three times via email and confirmed my email in my order I'm a bit lost as to how that went unnoticed, but we all have our days. Went ahead and paid over the phone and was told that my order would go out by the end of the day. I did receive my invoice immediately after getting off the phone.
  3. charlesskelter

    Maverick Leather

    Have you actually purchased anything online from them? I emailed asking for info prior to ordering 1/4 and was told to send my number and someone would contact me. Went ahead and just placed an order 1/9 after never hearing back. I was told I'd be invoiced within 1-3 days. Sent a check up email 1/15 as I've heard nothing. Get told it will be sent by the end of the day. Here it is the next day and again, nothing. I know in not a pro with a $1000 order but I am on a time frame. They've posted on IG more sale stuff but won't even sell what they have and I'm out of leather. What a joke. Now I have to start looking all over and I have people looking to get stuff done that I have to put off now. Great start for trying to start a side business.
  4. charlesskelter

    What can I use as a topcoat that won't mess up paint or stain?

    Thanks Michael. I'll definitely look to get an airbrush set up in the near future. I'll pick up some aerosol saddle lacquer to hold me over until I do.
  5. charlesskelter

    My projects. Critiques, tips, etc welcome.

    Thank you. I'll be sure to go through and reduce image sizes.
  6. As the title asks, I'm looking for a topcoat to protect my work that won't smear the paint or dye used. Yes, I've waited for it to completely dry before applying with the same results. Thanks in advance.
  7. charlesskelter

    My projects. Critiques, tips, etc welcome.

    Well crap... Just realized the 1.46mb is entire thread photo size. I don't mess with pic hosting so I guess I'll just be very selective about posts from now on.
  8. charlesskelter

    My projects. Critiques, tips, etc welcome.

    My next project was a jump straight in the deep end. Virgin Mary. Clearly VERY ambitious and fell extremely short. Those hands...meat grinder material. Ouch. I still have NO CLUE how to get small detail like the fingers done.
  9. Hey everyone. I'm new to the hobby and figure I'll just throw everything on one thread as I go for the most part so far as the show off goes. Easier than making an intro and a show off and a critique thread since I'll forget to look at some of them. I hope that isn't a problem. My first piece was the dog collar using the dog collar kit. Didn't want to dark stain, but that was my mistake so that's what I ended up with. I hope to make Pennywise a new collar in the not to distant future and get a little more customized and detailed with it.