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  1. Matt, Absolute game changer mate! Thank you so much for your advice. I mixed up a jar today, took a little while to get the right shade, but wow, what a difference. Adding the PVA Makes a hell of a difference to the finished edge and makes burnishing so much easier. Cheers again bud, much appreciated. Spud.
  2. Thank you so much Matt, that is a great help. I'll be ordering some PVA tomorrow. My usual burnishing reportoir is to rub the dyed edge with beeswax, then use my burnishing machine to do the hard work, occasionally using an edge slicker for the awkward bits. I've found that a beeswax coating, coupled with proper burnishing gives a nice result for my needs, finished with a brisk rubbing from an old pair of denim jeans. I used to dye, then use gum trag, then burnish, then beeswax, then a second burnish but discovered one day that the end result was the same as if I'd just used dye and beeswax, burnishing just the once, so I skipped out the gum trag part. I do still use it occasionally if I need to smooth out a detailed flesh side, but that doesn't happen too often. I'm guessing that the PVA does the same thing as the gum trag, as in keeping the fibres tight? The fact that the PVA and dye powder are mixed together would mean that it's an all in one solution? Thanks again for your time and advice, as I mentioned I've not used powder dye before so I'm a complete novice in that sense. Spud.
  3. That is amazing, cheers Matt and thanks for the offer of sticking some in the post. To be honest, I think I'm going to order some anyway and have a play about with various mixtures to see what works, so hold off on the sample. I tend to dye my edges, then use beeswax to burnish, but if it can all be rolled into one, then happy days! Do you use a 1:1 mix on the dye/glue, then add water to get the consistency? I'm guessing there will be a bit of trial and error. Does the glue/water mix go off over time, or is it fairly 'long life'? Thanks again bud.
  4. Evening folks, long time lurker, first time poster! I'm after some advice re powder dyes. I make mainly bridle leather dog ware (leads, collars, harnesses etc) and have been using feibings dyes for years. I've recently been looking at the powder dyes that Abbey flog and have seen a couple of different videos etc which seem to contradict each other on the mixing. One recommends water and wallpaper paste, another recommends just methylated spirit, so I thought I'd ask the question to see what the learned many do. I'm only looking at using it as an edge dye but I'm not sure what I should be mixing it with (quantities etc) in order to achieve a decent result. Any advice at all would be very welcome. Cheers folks, Spud.
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