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  1. Thanks Ron. That is exactly what I was looking for. I am starting to do lacing and was looking for something to condition the lace with. I still have more research to do, but it looks like one of the things I will try is the white.
  2. Can anyone tell me what the difference is between the white and yellow saddle soap? I have scoured Fiebing's website and can find nothing on the difference. I have always used the yellow but that is what was available locally. That source has gone out of business so I will be ordering by mail now so both are available to me for the same price and am curious what the difference is. TIA.
  3. Thanks to both Fredk and you for the responses. I was actually just looking for a starting point so when I read one of the older books that says use a #3 punch I would have some idea of what size range I needed to be in. Is #3 a 3/32 or a 3/4. I printed out Fredk's chart and it now hangs with others on my bench.
  4. Does anyone have any type of chart that tells what size a punch translates to? All of the old books say use a #8 or #6 punch but everything today is in mm or fractions. I can do either but I have no reference to what a #6 or #7 is. Is it the same as screw sizes? If so is the number the size of the screw or the clearance hole for the screw? Just trying to find a translation. All my searches turn up punch kits for sale but no reference to size. Thanks.
  5. For the people that design and make your own templates, do you add 1 thickness of leather for each 90 degree bend of the leather or each 180 degree bend? I have been leaving more then I need to and trimming later, but would like to cut down on my waste. I prefer to design it right from the beginning. TIA
  6. I recently purchased a bottle of RTC as a sealer/resist. I am trying to seal a knife sheath. The sheath is HO 7/8 oz leather dyed with Eco-Flo black dye. I then buffed it with a light colored cloth. There was no pigments coming off of it. (I have read about this with the Fiebing's dyes, but I try to buff anything I dye.) There are two colors on the sheath. The second is done in Eco-Flo as well. It is a burgundy that I mixed myself. It was dyed about a 10 days ago. I had to stop work due to my wife's knee surgery. Today I got back to work. I tried to seal the leather with the RTC and it is pulling the black out of the leather. The burgundy doesn't seem to be affected. I was applying with a dry rag with very light pressure, but there is one section that I can actually see the natural color of the leather coming back through. What am I doing wrong? Any help you all can give me would be appreciated. This is the first time I have tried the RTC so I figure I am probably doing something wrong. TIA
  7. I was going to do a folded edge, but every time I tried to skive the edge the leather stretched really bad. Either that or it stretched then caught the skiver blade and ended up tearing the edge. As much as I like the look of this leather, I think I am going to have to use it for another purpose unless I can find another way to finish the edge. I may order some Fiebing's edge coat and try that.
  8. I am making my first lined belt. It is bridle leather lined with pigskin. Do you finish the pigskin the same as the belt leather? I don't mean the dye, I was going to work in a couple of coats of neatsfoot oil and finish with 2 coats of super sheen. Is that good for the pigskin as well, or would you treat that different? Any suggestions would be welcome.
  9. Is there any way to finish the edges of a soft pull up leather? It is about 1oz leather if that.
  10. After watching hours of videos I have decided to tackle my first wallet. I have most of it designed, but I need one bit of help. How much longer do I make the outer cover then the lining? This wallet will be a bi-fold, Is it different for a tri-fold? (Double what you do for a bi-fold?) TIA
  11. Got the picture to upload. No it was not the price. They were each a side.
  12. eThey were sides so it is very possible. I purchased them from Tandy. They may have marked them as well. I was just trying to figure out what they meant. If someone could tell me how to make the picture smaller I could post it. The forum says it is over 1.4M but in properties it says it is only 131.8 kb. I cropped it down to just the number to get that thinking I could post it, but I still get the same message. Thanks.
  13. Being new to leather work I was wondering what the stamped number on the back side of the sides I had purchased are. I was wondering if they are some type of tannery grading system? I tried to upload a photo but the system tells me it is too large. On one hide I have it is a 100. another is a 110. A thinner one has a 90 on it. I will try to get another pic that will upload but I am not that tech savvy so it may not happen.
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