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  1. Anyone have a chest holster pattern then can share?
  2. Where can I get top line snaps rivets and nylon webbing? I am making a chest rig and need some better hardware than the local Tandy leather supplies. Thanks! VP
  3. Thanks Dwight. I would be looking for a vertical hold for right hand cross draw. I think you replied on my other thread as well. Thanks so far! VP
  4. I would be looking for a vertical hold. I would want it to be close to a 45 degree hold I think. I can always modify the pattern also Thanks! This will be my first. I've only made a few things in the months I've been doing leather work but I like a challenge. And it's for my dad, so either way he'll like it. Hopefully.
  5. Dan, I am going to try and make a shoulder holster for my Colt commander. Do you have any advice on doing one? Or a pattern that you can send me? Any help is appreciated. Thanks VP
  6. I am going to be trying my hand at a shoulder holster for my dads Christians present. Will be for a colt commander and a right hand cross draw. Anyone have a pattern or advice on how to get this process started? Thanks! VP
  7. Looking for a shoulder holster pattern for a colt commander. Any help is great! Thanks! VP
  8. This is my first post on this site. I got into leather work a few months ago and have made a few knife sheaths and a few holsters. My dad wants a shoulder rig for his colt commander and figured I'd give it a shot. Does someone have any tips or pointers on where to start? Is there a pattern out there somewhere that can help? Thanks VP
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