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  1. Kulafarmer

    Backgammon board

    Thats a cool backgammon board, really nice
  2. Kulafarmer

    Moreau-Style Stitching Clam

    Nice job,,, your pop has some mad skills, that piece came out excellent, so heres a stupid question, ive seen these clams, never used one, how do you keep it closed? i know, real stupid question
  3. Kulafarmer

    Male Nightingale Armor Skyrim - WIP

    Howdy,,, i am pretty sure there are different softness levels to the leather as well as different thickness, main shields would be stuff like skirting leathers, the secondary and full wraps stuff like a softer hand thick bison, the hood a combo also, cool project, really like the concept, maybe the way things are going in this country it will serve a utilitarian purpose for defense rather than just cosplay
  4. Very nice, thats some serious carving
  5. Kulafarmer

    Maul. Doubts with the purchase

    I personally would rather pay 1000$ to BK and be able to talk to an actual person on the phone than 30$ for something made by the chinese etc,,,,
  6. Kulafarmer

    A stamp I designed

    Cool stamp Matt,
  7. Kulafarmer

    Alphabet stamping on a Firefighter Shield

    Way cool
  8. Kulafarmer

    messing around with tandy tools - Oh lots of 'em

    Way cool Troy, nice job
  9. Kulafarmer

    Cowgirl boots

    Really nice, do you tool before or after lasting?almost looks like after its so perfect,,,
  10. Kulafarmer

    Tooled Guitar Strap

  11. Kulafarmer

    Ancient Greek Armor

    Wayyy cool
  12. Kulafarmer

    Last making without wood?

    The last are cheaper, but regular polyester resin would work for what your talking about
  13. Kulafarmer

    Basket stamping curves

    Thank you for the info Bruce,,, much appreciated