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    i get all exited about all kind of stuff, and get a kick trying out new things. Scubadiving, playing the tuba etc....I like taking walks and observing nature. Music, I guess...I like solitude but enjoy talking to people too. I used to be a teacher but it's not my cup of tea, I just drifted there. deep down I'm a crafts woman and I've learned to accept it!

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    mainly guitar straps in different techniques
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    ornamentation, dying and other fun stuff
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  1. Thank you very much Bob! Will continue with testing and reading in on the stuff on the forums! I'm happy at this point to have found an other new thing to experiment with ! Thanks to everyone and a happy weekend! And that's how it turned out after the gel, I didn't put any resist on this piece.
  2. Thank you Bob! You gave me the some good advice, since I'm getting confused with all the product names and not knowing what they're suppose to do! . Confusement galore! Anyway , now I think I understand, you have to choose your resist depending on what medium your using! When using acrylic paint you use for example acrylic mat medium. When using ether based dyes, you use lacquer resist. So do I need oil underneath either one of them? See it all makes it more difficult when brand names don't say anything to me, like you said, I can't walk to a local store and get a jar!!!! Sorry, I know I'm going to get this soon, I just need to go through trial and error! But, thank you for being patient ! Ps. Scraps I've got, I just need the patience!
  3. Just started my day, keen on finally trying out the Antique gel as I realized that I don't have the right kind of resist! What should I apply before the gel then? You can see my selection next to the work. Oh, and I do have a bottle of Angelus Satin Finisher too. I don't want my colours all covered with the dark brown gel that I plan to use. Need instructions asap. And how long do I have to wait after I apply some of the chosen resist to apply the gel?
  4. Thank you for the suggestions and on the whim, I ordered the gel last night and can't wait to try them out! I didn't order any sealer now that I checked the video. I do have a bottle of Angelus Acrylic finisher not sure if that will do the trick. Other wise, it's back to ordering something else. Guitar straps aren't exposed to weather conditions so, what would be the thing you'd suggest?
  5. Beret! I went to your web sight and wow! Really beautiful collars! I'm all in for looking in to the antique gel! Now, since I'm in Finland, I'd like to order the right kind of stuff for my work, would you recommend me something based on the pictures on what I posted. I'd like to keep my colours intense and what you said about the itsy bitsy nooks, that's what I'd like to address. Where and what exactly should I order? Thanks already!
  6. Oh? I haven't heard of that! I'd love to find out how it works and how it could serve me!! Are there any posts or pics on it? I'm going to look it up right away! Thanks!I just looked it up and it's some what like I used to apply Tan colour on the whole work after I had finished. It sort of gives the piece a warm colour over coat doesn't it? How would it work on top of the cold blue tone? Would it become green? Also I used acrylic on some parts like the ice, would it turn yellow? But, I guess you would not need to apply it all over....
  7. A project that took me 3 days to get finished. The planning was easier this dime, since my friend had told me of a dream he had of a bear swimming next to him in a lake and guiding the way. Originally he had ordered a strap with dragon flies and this is what came out of it! I like the contrasting color and this was actually the first time I carved and beveled out the designs. Please feel free to give me pointers, and critique so the next ones even better! I'm so hype again and can't wait to start the next one!
  8. Nice clean lines and stitching! Good work!
  9. Hi everyone, and a seasons greetings! I've been a pain in the neck on this one but it was out of my woods and had a short time to get it done. Especially since my guitar straps are 2d and this was 3d. I learnt lots of new techniques like lacing and got a good work out on carving, which I haven't really done a lot. I'd've been lost without you tubes good Tandy instructions! Next I really want to work on my understanding on how to cover a large space of leather and work a lot on the colours so I get a more dimensional look to my work. I have a tendency to just fill in too much! I had some trouble fitting in the zipper and the whole out out come of the bag is a bit wobbly. Any way, I look forward to making the next one, and want to improve on the construction on all parts! Thanks to everyone who helped me out on this one! Please feel free to critique! Warm Christmas thoughts from still the slushy and gray North! Katariina hiisi.htmlavattu.html
  10. Huomenta Jannu, my fellow country man! I see your in sunny California, lucky since both Sweden An Finland are submerged in darkness and slush! No white x-mas for us! Sorry about the pages as they are still on the making, but you can see our stuff when you clique on Facebook . Mainly guitar pick ups and guitar straps! All made here. I'm posting a pick of the drum stick case I just got done in the show off or critique my stuff. Happy to hear from you and Hyvää Joulun odotusta Jannu! Katariina
  11. Hola Jimi! I really really haven't even checked that I've got these answers and pictures from you! I've been so busy with one dumb project that I'll have to work on getting my stitch perfetto afterwords! I'm trying to sew on a zipper to a drum case and it's giving me loads of trouble!!
  12. Hi Veedub3! Thank you! I always forget how resorsefull you tube is!! I got a few good tips and wound up taking a pattern from an old bag! Cheers!
  13. Hi! My friends's turning forty and I'm attempting to make a drumstick carrying case for him. He's a professional and has to carry a lot of sticks around. His currant one is made out of nailon with a zipper. Anyone seen good patterns or pick that might help me along?
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