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  1. Thanks for the suggestions.....I'm thinkin the corner is too tight so I'm just gonna wing it and see what happens....I'll post pics later so you can check it out if your interrested
  2. OK, here is a smaller file size to see. Typical round braid. I understand the 4 times in the corner, and 3 times on either side, but the lace just doesn't lay right or something. It just doesn't look right. Any tips would be GREAT
  3. Dennis, Here are the pictures. I'm Russ' wife I usually don't do posts to this site so I hope this works and they're not HUGE files, if so I"m very sorry and I'll have him fix it when he gets home. Tina, thank you for the website, that's the one he was using lastnight and couldn't get his project to match the diagrams they had. Normally that site is great and helps him a ton but for some reason he's just not getting it this time. Thank you both very much for your help, I don't think my wall can handle much more head banging. Misty
  4. I am currently making a bible cover and decided the mexican round would look very nice on it and it definately does. I've used this lacing method before but it's been a while and for some reason I cannot get the corner right for the life of me! I have the book from tandy that gives you some instructions and also a tutorial I printed off the internet but after 4 hours of beating my head against the wall lastnight I've realized I need some help. The bible cover carving turned out very nice and I really dont want to ruin the project with a crappy lacing job. If anyone can help me with my dilema I'd really appreciate it! Thank you for any help, Russ
  5. Hey folks, a while ago I had some questions about building a pommel bag for a friend. Well I finally got around to finishing it. I'm pleased with how it turned out concidering I didn't have much to go on except the nylon "thing" he showed me. He took it a while ago and said, "it'll work", (from him that means he liked it. LOL) Hope ya'll like it.
  6. Hi all, thanks for the info. Everything you pointed out I questioned this guy about. He wanted it "just like the nylon bag". High on the saddle, and straight across. Even got a little pissy when I kept askin if he "really" wanted it like that. I don't ride much except around hunting season with my uncle, but I'm sure he'll get tired of it slappin his knees, or twistin on the horn. I was thinkin about building a yolk for the horn with buckled straps to adjust where the bags sit. What do ya think?
  7. A friend of mine brought me a nylon pommel bag and asked if I could make something like that out of leather. Looks easy enough, more or less just saddle bags with a hole on the cross strap for the horn, right? If anyone has any advise fro me before I get to work on this would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Thanks Spider, actually the wife has the eye for the colors. She's been playing with the cova color pack lately. I think it turned out pretty cool.
  9. I just finished a holster for a .22 LLR six shooter I got from my grandfather, and a clutch purse and check book cover I made for my mother. As usual, critique away.
  10. Here is my first attempt at a holster. Not exactly what I was hoping for but it turned out ok. The bowie knives and sheaths turned out ok. The holster, matching bowie and wood handle bowie I used Eco-flow Gel Antique med brown. The stag handle bowie I used Fiebings med Brown #121. This was the first time I've used Fiebings since I live in Cali. What a difference! Any critique is always welcome!
  11. yes, Its a lot harder than it looks. It was a fun project tho. How did bobocat get everything to flow so soothly? I didn't realize there was adifference between sheridan and floral styles. Never paid that much attention to it. I definately need to get more books.
  12. I saw bobocats sheridan carving this morning and got inspired to try my hand at it.....I gave it my best shot, and this is what I came up with. I like it, but by no means a comparison. No finish yet, maybe tomorrow
  13. Hey rayban, howed you do the studs around the bolts on your knife?
  14. I made these cases for My daughters, more or less my own design. Hope it helps.
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