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  1. I suspected that Tandy is not the best place to go. So I will look into the other recomendations.
  2. Thank You to all that replied. Using leather is something that I have never done. No sewing is involved in the making of this chair. For me the hardest part is where to purchase leather and the two recomendations above are something that I will reasearch. One question; how about Tandy Leather? There is a store nearby in Boise Idaho. I assume all leather is the same. I agree: Buy American! My thanks to all of the United States Veterans. The Veterans helped make this post possible and make the USA the great nation in the world.
  3. I will be building New yankee workshop's cigar chair. How can I order a whole hide of upholstery leather brown and know that I'm getting a quality product? This will be my first leather project ever.
  4. I'm looking for a "guitar stamp" not the one from Tandy. So any ideas would be great. Todd
  5. Very nice Holster. But the design is fantastic.
  6. You do very nice work. Good luck with your sales. Todd
  7. Thanks for the help. Todd
  8. Other than Tandy, where can I buy leather working tools? Thanks, Todd
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