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  1. tearghost

    motorcycle saddle bags

    I am looking for motorcycle saddle bags patterns, I have the 2 from Tandy but am wondering if anyone knows where I can get more?.
  2. tearghost

    Wolf purse

    That is beautiful!
  3. tearghost

    Tooled Guitar Strap

    Looks great!
  4. tearghost

    Ancient Greek Armor

    That looks amazing
  5. tearghost

    Passport Wallet

    Very nice, love the color
  6. tearghost

    Todays work

    I love it. I am into Harley's and dragons. Looks amazing as a stool
  7. tearghost

    Staining/antiquing techniques

    I have to agree why change what's not broke your dye work is amazing
  8. tearghost

    Two new artwork pieces

  9. I like it, would gladly put that on my gun.