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  1. Great thank you I will look into them.
  2. I am wanting to know who makes a really good edge beveler?. I need to get a few sizes, 1) that's good for doing wallets 2-3 oz leather 2) bags short prongs as I want to be able to bevel tight areas 4-5 oz leather 3) belts and heavy leather 8-12 oz leather Right now I'm using craft tool pro and I'm just not happy with how crappy the metal is doesn't stay sharp, not really good for tight areas they were ok for learning with but now I just want and need a higher quality tool that will last. Thank you in advance for any help.
  3. Thanks I will be watching YouTube for a while.
  4. Thank you for all the advice I really appreciate it. I figured out the issue it was my dumb mistake, I forgot to pull the bobbin thread thru the notch in the bobbin housing. I'm new to using sewing machines and I don't know anyone that uses sewing machines. Would you mind if I picked your brain when I have issues?. Another thing I'm having trouble with is my machine has 2 tension disks for the top thread and what I'm asking is do I have to adjust them both the same or can I adjust just one to tighten or loosen my top tension?. Do you know of any websites or videos I can watch to learn how to use industrial sewing machines free or even paid for. Cause I also have a Jack sewing machine that I got for light weight leather. Thank you so much for your help
  5. I'm new at using sewing machines and I have a Techsew 5100se and my bobbin thread keeps on bird nest on me, I've tried adjusting my top thread tension and it doesn't help. Can anyone help me solve this issue?.
  6. Any advice on how to clean up baby throw up off of Nubuck?
  7. I am looking for motorcycle saddle bags patterns, I have the 2 from Tandy but am wondering if anyone knows where I can get more?.
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