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  1. Awesome work! Yea I was thinking about the bridle leather to just try and cut some corners. I usually do all the dyeing and sealing myself. Here Is some of what I usually do. They are firefighter radio straps.
  2. Can you paint English bridle leather and it last? And if so what kind of paint to use. I already use water based acrylics. Thanks!
  3. Sorry I guess I should of worded that a little better. I def agree to do it all within a day or two but What I meant was that I dyed and oiled and painted them about a month ago and now a month later the paint is peeling off. But I actually think I figured it out. I just put to much oil on them! I guess more isn't better in that situation! I have been using less and the results have been much better. I am starting to look at English bridle leather now to use now but the only thing I'm not sure about is how the paint will adhere to it. Got any advice on that!?
  4. I use a very fine point paint brush and Angelous acrylic leather paint. I sometimes add a tiny bit of water so it will follow the grooves better.
  5. So I've been making straps with names painted on them in acrylic paint. The straps are 10oz Herman oak leather. I started to use 100% neatfoot on the backside only to soften the leather up after dying about a month ago. Now I'm fining that some of them are having the paint on the frontside falling off. Even after I seal them with multiple acrylic sealers. I also am finding the dye is leeching off too. Any suggestions on what else to use to soften the leather up besides a oil bc I think that is the problem bc I have never had this problem before using the neatsfoot
  6. Thanks for the response. The straps that I am doing have basket weave pretty much on the whole thing so I'm going to go back to the regular dye. Just looks a whole lot better to me
  7. I have been making some black leather straps for several months now and I first used fiebing black dye, but the last few I used fiebings black oil dye because I have read that it is better. I admit that it seemed to go a lot further than the regular black dye but now that the product is finished it seems to me that the regular dye produces a much richer and blacker color. Has anyone else noticed this also?
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