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  1. Newbie question. I've seen people stitch "sew foam" (that stuff that has the scrim or muslin backing on it) onto the back of leather when upholstering a chair or sofa or whatever, but if the chair or sofa is foam itself, why "pre-foam" the material?
  2. Thanks very much! I think you might be right. I'll have a look and give it a try. Thanks again, Salvisa
  3. Hi. Prior to buying my machine (Consew 226R), I did a lot of reading here so I just want to start by saying I really appreciate this forum. While everything worked just fine when I bought it, and loaded it in my truck, I'm afraid the 100+ miles of driving may have jarred something loose. Now, whenever I press the START button, the motor accelerates and reaches full RPM w/o any problems. But as soon as I release the button, it starts winding its way back down. So my first thought is it's a switch problem, but before I start fiddling with it, I wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this? Thanks! Salvisa
  4. First post. This forum has been very helpful to me over the past couple weeks - especially in helping me figure out what sort of equipment to buy - and decided to join and stop lurking.
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