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  1. Can you link to what you are referring to? I think I know, but I want to make sure I get the right one. I have no problem using an old school method. Usually less things to break.
  2. id like to make a wallet and most if not all the videos i see use heat to finish the edge of thin leather.(like for the card slots and etc) every time i try to burnish thin leather, i completely distort it and it looks like garbage. I even have the dremel attachments for burnishing. I also cant justify one of those creasing iron things for a few hundred dollars at this point for something i do as an occasional hobby. thanks in advance for your advice
  3. Yeah this pedal doesn't feather at all. It's either 0 or 11. No in between
  4. ok so from what i can tell, the machine works ok, im certain some tension settings need adjusted but its hard to figure out when the thing moves at 10000000 rpm,lol. im gonna save up for one of those motors. idk how anyone could use that machine at that speed.
  5. IDK why when I reply it keeps quoting my own last post. But I'm off of the knee bolster for now. Just trying to thread everything normally and it kept breaking the thread. However I did remove the bobbin holder and gave it a good cleaning, and it didn't break that time just trying to get the bobbin thread up. But trying to see a test piece, the thread did break Immediately. The thread seemed hard to pull through it. Maybe it's a tension issue. I'll look more into it over the weekend. As far as thread and needle size, I dont know yet. Once I do more investigating, I'll post an update.
  6. I figure if it's there, it should work. Whether I decide to use it or not. Every time I try to pull the bobbin thread up, the other thread gets stuck and breaks. Any idea what could be causing that?
  7. I figure if it's there, it should work. Whether I decide to use it or not.
  8. The owner's manual I printed out is surprisingly vague. They don't even mention the knee bolster.
  9. ok, so a few questions. Is there a guide somewhere for this knee bolster thing, for like adjustment and such? it seems to not be working right. I see the oiling points, but HOW do i oil it? is there a special tool or something? how do i clean it? btw the machine definitely operates, i tapped the pedal and away it went, but i didnt run it long, due to it possibly needing oiled
  10. Exactly. Everything needs resized. No camera on the planet makes files smaller than 1.46 mb these days.
  11. http://s1152.photobucket.com/user/Justawfulgamer/library/?view=recent i ended up buying it. here are some pics of it. on a side note, getting pics on this site is a pain in the ass,lol
  12. Interested in the hardware and keyrings, etc
  13. If I get this machine, hopefully some of you will be willing to help me out with upgrading it, as I have absolutely no idea about these sort of things. Though I am confident I'm capable of actually doing the upgrades.
  14. im getting mixed responses from the group it seems. half say go for it, the other half say, probably not.... decisions....
  15. yeah as badly as id like a sewing machine for leather, i dont want this to be a money pit... hmm
  16. I'm also restoring an 84 mustang, so an upholstery machine wouldn't be a terrible thing to own.
  17. She said she would take $300 for it. I can probably go look at it on Monday. I don't mind stitching holsters by hand, but if it would do belts, that would be great.
  18. It's still a walking foot though, right?
  19. Here is the link https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1250211525131906/ Thickest things I'd be stitching would be belt and holsters. I'd think it would do those then.
  20. so is $350 a good price? they claim it powers on but the belt needs reseated. idk enough about machines to even attempt to mess with it on site.
  21. Hey, they have wood and metal filament. Never know what the future holds.
  22. There's one of these machines for sale in my area that I can get for $350 table and all. It was someone's grandfather's that passed away, and it sat in storage for a number of years. They believe it still works. Is that a good price? It seems to be. That should be able to do just about anything I throw at it. Am I correct? Of course I just bought the 15-91 last weekend, then this pops up, so my wife is giving me a hard time about it. Please lmk your thoughts. Thanks
  23. Ok, I understood some of that.lol. I know it's gonna be a steep learning curve, I'll keep at it. I'm not expecting to have it down in a week. Tbh even if I turn the wheel by hand, it will still be faster.
  24. I bought a singer 15-91 over the weekend and I plan to stitch very thin leather with it( as well as fabrics). Anyone familiar with these machines and know where to start tension and etc for thin leather? I bought some thicker needles over the weekend, (14, 18 etc. ) What thread do you recommend as well? I've never used a sewing machine so I just need to get info really. Thanks
  25. The technology to make it feasible is pretty much there, it's just not cost effective yet.. give it time though
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