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  1. Thanks guys, I got a gift card for Tandy on Christmas so I'm going to head up there and get some leather pieces. I have purchased quite a bit of tools over the last month. What thickness should I get to start with? Any suggestions
  2. Hi y'all, my chaps have a rip on the bottom of them, and I want to fix them. This photo is identical to my chap leather but I don't know what leather to order. I'm buying it from the hide house, and I don't know if it's cowhide, pig, splits or what. Sorry again for my lack of leather lingo. I think I need 4/5 oz in black. Can someone help me out? Thanks!
  3. I just want to make sure I order enough. I can't imagine I would even need the 20-30 sq ft piece, but I just want to make sure it's large enough to get two large pieces for my legs out of it. That's basically my question.
  4. Hi y'all, I'm about to start on a set of bull riding chaps for myself, and I'm going to buy the leather from the hide house, but my question is what leather type do I get? I don't want something that is real expensive, considering I get stepped on frequently and roll in the mud. I'm using my current set of chaps as a guide. I also don't know how much leather I will need, because I'm not sure how the hides come. I need two solid pieces for the main part in black, and then I want to add fringe in turquoise.
  5. When I cut my pattern into the leather, I can do that while it's still fairly wet correct? (As in too wet for stamping) yesterday I made my best and smoothest cuts on some pretty wet leather, I wasn't going to attempt to stamp it, being as it was pretty soggy. Also, I feel like my blade is too wide, I think I would like a 1/4" blade, are these shorter blades easier?
  6. Thanks for all the information. This is what I purchased, I quickly dipped it in and out of a Tupperware with water. It was probably submerged for 1-2 seconds, then sat out in the open for the night, the next day I started messing with it.
  7. Yes sir these fit perfect and have real good quality. They are rebel flag chaps and as cool as they are, I'm over the whole thing lol. But I will basically make them the exact same way and use them as a template. Thank you for the info, I'll be ordering some leather.
  8. Yes I let it sit out on the table, it was damp and cool when I was cutting it the next day. I tried to use the sponge also and let it sit for about 20 minutes. I really think that this leather from Michaels is crap. My swivel knife makes super thin lines in it also, all the videos I see , their lines look soft and thicker . It looks like butter, when I cut it looks like I'm sawing beef jerky lol
  9. there is a Tandy not too far away, I might stop in and just see what I can learn and pick up some remnants just to try out. My swivel knife basically skips and stops through the leather. Not smooth at all. I'm assuming it's this beef jerky type leather I'm using because I have sharpened this knife exactly how all the videos I've watched. The blade seems sharp . When I cases my leather, I quickly dipped it in water, and then let it sit for about 8-10 hours.
  10. Should I order some good quality leather to tool on? This stuff I'm getting from Michaels and hobby lobby is crap I think. I'm still trying to get this casing thing down also. Should I order some good quality leather to tool on? This stuff I'm getting from Michaels and hobby lobby is crap I think. I'm still trying to get this casing thing down also.
  11. After 400 videos on YouTube showing me how easy and fun leather working could be, I decided to go out and buy some tools. I stopped by the craft store and got a few precut kit pieces. The leather is very thin. After watching videos of how to case it, I went in for the kill! Very inconsistent stamp marks, and looks like a 6 year old did it. I'm not using a marble piece under the leather, I'm using what I assume is crap leather, and I probably did the casing wrong. Either way, I'm getting discouraged! (Sorry for my lack of leather lingo). What do I do ?
  12. Hi y'all, I'm new to this forum. I've been riding Bulls with the same chaps for a while, I'd like to make myself a new pair. I've only purchased veg tanned leather but would like to buy some colored chap leather online somewhere. Can anyone help me out? Looking for black and turquoise and possibly a bright green. Thanks
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