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  1. Im kind of new to leather working but have had some experience making holsters and such and am quite handy and a quick learner. That being said here is the deal: I got a good deal on a corbin seat for my motorcycle. the leathe ris in great shape but I HATE the color. what would I have to do to dye it basic black? The seat also has a slight "snake skin" texture to it but it is definately cow hide. Any ideas?
  2. Anyone know where I could find a pattern for a shoulder holster? Im specifically interested in the harness and attachment points to the actual holster. Im trying to make a vertical holster for a BIG gun. Thanks for any help!
  3. I have been reading about making holsters, as I can never find EXACTLY what I want. I am pretty good at making things from any medium God created so I was thinking of trying my hand at leather. Couple questions with more to come Im sure: 1. Where is the best place to buy leather and tools? 2. What are the best cuts of leather to use? 3. How does one go about "burnishing" an edge? 4. Where could one aquire rubber pads for molding in a press? 5. How much extra leather should one typically use around a gun outline one a pancake style holster? Ok so Im full of questions but from what I have seen on here so far, you guys are the ones to ask! Thanks!
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