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  1. hey Cyis, 

    I saw the threads you posted you can source out leather tools. would you have a list which tools you can source out?...

  2. Really? I want delete the post and do know you how to order from bob?
  3. All the stuff you mentioned are all in my range:)
  4. Thx for reply! Sure, my facebook account is https://www.facebook.com/cyis7. and here are my email address: 10872776@qq.com
  5. i could help with ordering from china, also if there are people interested in other chinese tools(not the really cheap and suck stuff), i will keep posting:)
  6. the best seller in china, really, really, really smooth to use. but for the reason of cost control, only the blade and bottom are polished perfectly, the rest are not so good-looking. in one word, best performance to lowest cost.
  7. Since Sheridan leather is gone, some of the Chinese marker made some similar tools as Bob did. It's made from HSS-COBALT and the screw are all get hardened to ensure the performance. The price is $43(with one tip), each tip are charge for $15. If someone is interested in this groover, I could help with ordering it from China.
  8. So I will be so happy if someone could give some advice or being a partner in the U.S.
  9. Hey there, I know some of Chinese leather tools such like AmyRoke and Mason are popular here. Indeed, these are one of the best in China, but Chinese leather tools are way more than that. There are so much talented tool marker here, you can not only find the perfectly well-made tools, but also some tools which focus in the performance not the perfection with affordable price. I'm a leatherworker who crazy about collecting tools, so personally, I have great connection with almost all the markers in China like Mason, Ken.H, Nattools, Rock and so on(also, get the permission to sell their tools overseas). I may share the stories about the markers and tool-making someday here, But I'm not familiar about the market in the U.S. and other country. Just want to know, are anyone who interested about distribution for well-made Chinese tools with me or not? Thx for your time.
  10. Hey guys, I love collecting vintage tools and fall in love with the old designs, but it's always hard to get them in prefect condition. So I choose to make some re- edition ones. I've made some adjustable creasers, but hard to decide whether I should use he original size handle or a bigger one. The Screw is custom-made and being hardened. Please help pointing out, if I'm loosing some detail or the problems which may hurt the usage. Thx!
  11. Wanted: easy edger #1/2, #0 and bissonette edger #2 #1 #1/2 #0 I contacted sheridan for booking, but he said they dont do that. So I come here for help:P
  12. Thx bro, but I'm talking about the oval blades not the round one. so it wont be a tiny hole on back
  13. Why people use diamond blades awls rather that the oval ones, it seems the oval blades won't change the hole shape you pricking iron made.
  14. Thx bro, I've emailed him, but I try my luck here too:D
  15. Hi folks I'm looking for Gomph round edger #0 and #1/2 Let me know what you have, thanks
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