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  1. You mentioned that the binding you're using is stretchy - It may be that the tape is stretching enough to become narrower as it's pulled through the binder, and the effect is amplified at the corners. Any way you can limit the tape stretch / tension will probably help.
  2. Wow ! Best to bite the bullet on this one, and start over.
  3. I always thought it was just a speed thing - Rotary hook can sew at a higher SPM than an oscillator ? But, as usual, there's probably more involved than I think .......
  4. I'm glad that someone who actually knew what they were talking about (Bob), finally chimed in :~)
  5. Maybe try some heat and penetrating oil on that gear - All the machines I buy are old and crusty, never a new one :~) , so I often need to free stuck parts, using chemicals and heat (sometimes) - I like to use Kroil (Best, but smelly), or Blue Creeper (2nd best, but less smelly), but try something like that - For heat, if you have a heat gun, that'll work well, or even just a hair drier (I have even been known to use a micro torch at times) - The heat will soften old grease, and make the penetrating stuff penetrate better - The gear WILL come loose eventually , and you won't hurt anything. As far as jimi's suggestion of just re-setting the needle bar - That will work, IF that was the cause of the original out-of-time problem (A driven-up, or shifted needle bar), but you can really wind up chasing your tail with this stuff, if you're not careful - The normal procedure for timing a machine is to set the needle bar FIRST (To correct spec for the needle system, etc), and THEN time the hook to it. If you just set the needle bar to accommodate the hook timing (whatever it happens to be) .......... Well, It wouldn't be my first choice for a solution - Just sayin'.
  6. It must be just stuck to the hook shaft - The parts schematic just shows those 2 set screws ....... Unless there's a screw-under-a-screw, Singer-style. I don't see what else could be stopping the hook shaft from moving. Anybody else with guidance here?
  7. If I had to do it without a manual, I think I'd loosen that large bevel gear (In the lower left view), and then you could turn the hook shaft, to adjust. But maybe I'm missing something - Probably ......
  8. The total lift will be the same - The presser bar travel / lift is what limits it.
  9. Here's a link to the manual, I think, but you have to pay for it : https://www.paypal.com/webapps/shoppingcart?mfid=1576761307702_cfa11ca903db8&flowlogging_id=cfa11ca903db8#/checkout/shoppingCart It came from here - Lots of Pfaff manuals : http://www.pfaffmanuals.com/Pfaff_Industrial_Manuals.htm
  10. Agree with the others - The motor is cocked, and the belt is squeaking because it's making an angular contact with the pulleys, instead of straight line pull.
  11. I can view the link - At first, I thought the first machine shown, the "SMX", might be a candidate, but on closer inspection, it looks to be a double needle Singer 112, and missing a bunch of parts. I don't see anything else there that's really suited to what you want to do - But maybe keep checking that place, as you never know what might turn up.
  12. Thank you, Gregg. OK, so the question is, what does it mean for the machine (U) to have a "triangular eccentric"? The zigzag control is totally clogged up, and stuck in left-needle straight stitch. So at this point, all I can do is turn it over manually, and watch it go up and down and the feed dog go back and forth. Is it supposed to do something different from the normal 138-6 ? As for the "cording device" - I've seen pictures of some kind of special cording needle plates, in the parts lists, but this machine just has a regular flat one .........
  13. Thank you! When I get into it, I'll see if anything else is needed - Hopefully, not much.
  14. OK - Here's the exiting follow up, you've all been waiting for ;~) I went ahead and bought the machine, and as far as I can tell, there's nothing out of the ordinary in the set up, from most other 138's, but I'm for sure, no expert on this. The weird foot turned out to be just an adjustable zipper foot, with a normal-looking feed dog and needle plate. It's missing the bobbin case, and I don't know enough to tell if the hook is a standard one - Probably. I think it's just a 4.5mm machine. And , of course, the real reason for buying it - It had a cool cast iron "Pfaff" thread stand, that my wife wanted for her Pfaff 130 mission-style treadle stand :~) The machine was totally packed up with fossilized oil, and wouldn't even turn over at first (it does now), has a really dull finish, and a really nice solid butcher block H-leg table, with the original Pfaff bobbin winder (I think) - With a little work, and a new foot and bobbin case (and maybe the parts for the second tension unit), I can hopefully bring it back . Thanks again for your input, the other day.
  15. Unfortunately, I don't think I can get any more info from the seller - It's at her place of employment, and she was a little funny to deal with, to start off. The machine was on Facebook Marketplace, and I've really learned to hate buying things through there, because of the way some people are - She wouldn't even give me a phone number at first - I guess she was afraid I'd steal her identity, or stalk her, or something ...... Anyway, I guess I'll find out tomorrow, as I'm planning to drive down there (a couple hundred miles, actually), and see for myself. I haven't ever seen one for sale locally before, so I'm willing to take a chance and have a look. And thanks for the links, C - I have looked at those before, and they're more than a little confusing to me - I need to read more :~)
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