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  1. I think, perhaps, I have a solution. I've been purchasing wet-dry paper from a guitar shop for my awls. These are between 500 and 12000 grit. Seems they sell various lengths! I have a bench grinder with a sanding drum on which I can attach various grit paper. I just ordered some for the drum, so I'll see how I get on. Cheers!
  2. Right then, I recently upgraded my strap end punches. Blanchard. While I do like Blanchard tools and own quite a few, these were expensive and have taken time to order. Dull, would be an overstatement. I doubt the punches would cut through wet dough! I made the mistake of asking a mate who owns a knife making business to see if they would be able to put an edge on one of the rounded punches. The edge of that punch, while sharp(er), is jagged and rubbish. I have looked under 'Sharpen it' and scoured the Internet for a video. Nothing. How does one sharpen a rounded punch? Along the edge or pulling? Twisting or turning along the edge? I don't wish to destroy the edge of these as they were no on the cheap. Cheers!
  3. To drive the matter home with the manufacturer, I had placed some wee washers to the right of the blade on the screws, which pushes the blade away from the measure and is now near spot-on. Shouldn't need to do that, though. Took photos and sent to the maker. They only now understand the issue. FFS.... They've contacted the engraver who mills the measure to correct that part. A corrected part will be posted after QA ensures it's correct. FFS...a tool maker should well understand the need for simple maths ensuring a measure is correct. In the meantime, jerry-rigging a new 400 Euro tool will simply have to do.
  4. Right then, a question for the hive mind. I am leaving out the maker's brand / name for a reason. I am, however, interested what you lot think on this. The measure part of the gauge is offset by 2.5mm. The blade is 1.8mm thick. Let's say 2mm to make this simple. With a properly sharpened bevel, the edge of the knife would be centered to 1mm. Therefore the offset would be 1mm. Due to a 2.5mm offset of the measure, each time I use the plough gauge, I need to calculate an additional 1.5mm. Am I making sence? I'm never owned a plough gauge. I've always used the pull gauges. This seems odd to me or am I missing something. Thanks in advance and looking forward to the replies and opinions. Cheers!
  5. After dying it a total of three times, with 24 hours between, that marbling is near on gone. In the sun one can see it, albeit only a wee bit. I agree that it is unique to have the marbling and near on impossible to create, it would be too much bother to have it on offer. Perhaps the next butt doesn't have the effect and a belt or bag was order for such. Problem solved and learned something.
  6. I was away yesterday, so unable to respond. To be honest, a colleague and good mate in Austria died and I was attending his funeral. His tooling was fantastic. Be that as it may, before I left, I dyed the leather one more time and let it sit for 24 hours. This morning I took a wee peek and it appears better. That marbling has lessened. I'll do it one more time and see how it fares. To answer some of the questions above: Aye, I have bought butt from this tannery before - many times. Never an issue in the past. As I stated, I did a blue belt about a fortnight ago and there was no issue. I would expect marbling from belly, but I never use belly - haven't since a donkey's age. This leather comes from Italy. I buy either from Italy or England. We do have a tannery here in Germany, but I stopped buying from them about a year or so ago. As far as being perhaps a less expensive leather, I pay roughly 200€ for a double butt. I wouldn't call that on the cheap. I believe the end result will have a very light amount of marbling, but not overly noticeable. I do appreciate the comments and info you lot have offered. Enjoy your weekend. Cheers!
  7. I shake all liquids before use. That's not the issue. As one can see, the black did it as well, as you mentioned. I can't sell the belt this way, unless I can sort out the marbling. I'll cut another piece off, dye it and see what can be done to even the colour out. If not, I need to contact the tannery. The info on the fats in the leather possibly causing the marbling is helpful. Cheers!
  8. Right then, ordered some vegtan butt, which arrived this morning. It appears spot on and I've never had an issue with this tannery before. I cut off two strips for a belt in the making and dyed both. I immediately noticed an odd colouring and marbling. I just completed a dark blue belt about two weeks ago without issue using a different leather. It near on appears purple and this marbling effect... I did a test piece of the blue and it looks as it should. I need to contact the tannery, obviously. This marbling effect... is that from the tannage or the bull itself? The fact that dark blue (Pro Dye) is leaving this a slight purple, it makes me wonder on the tannage. I am unsure what caused this, hence asking here. Cheers!
  9. The ideas are brilliant, you lot. Regardless the outcome, I'll post a few wee photos here. Due to current orders, it will be around August, I feel.
  10. Aye, git the jist.... boot nooo. Had a wee craic with the owner. We're gooin with what ah sed, boot with wee 'parachutes' on each end to aye deck tha noon threaded part. To clarify that, the threaded ends will lay next to each other in the 'pen sheath' with the rope tie ends out - five per side. Then two round pieces of leather covering the non-threaded ends. These will be secured in a parachute fashion to each other. Lastly, there will be a carry strap. Robert is your father's brother!
  11. @toxo, aye I agree. This is a non-starter. I ran a belt idea by the customer, initially, but he was against it. He wants to be able to pack the screws in a rucksack. I came up with an idea this morning and it will be similar to yours, albeit different. To a degree it will be roll-able. Laying each next to each other (threaded part) on a 'belt' and the thread part covered much like a pen sheath. The unthreaded section will be exposed. Five on one side and five on the other. A wee piece of leather through one of the holes - stitched to the belt on one end and possible a popper on the other attached to the sheath for the threaded part. This should allow it to 'roll'. Could also add a buckle and strap to the opposite ends when laid flat so it could be worn over the shoulder, just as convenience. Thanks for the input and your idea. Cheers!
  12. Fiebing did make white and grey dye once, but no more. To counter it, I've ordered white and grey from the tannery. Even from a tannery, can be daunting to find. As a home recipe, perhaps this might be helpful: Don't know if it works, but this lad seems to think so. Will take quite a bit of time.
  13. Ice screws...... and a toolroll. Had a customer in the shop yesterday and he wants a toolroll for this 'L' shaped tool. The issue at hand is the rolling aspect of this wee toolroll. Due to it's shape, I cannot find a means to make it roll properly. I've sketched out various styles, but nothing is coming into that 'wee wet noodle between mah ears' that will make this roll. Perhaps this is a non-starter. The type of roll I end up with ends in more of a stacking style... Also, to add insult to injury, 9 of these are 160mm in length and the 10th one is 200mm. The one that is 4cm longer is truly unhelpful. Perhaps one of you have done something similar or have an idea? Cheers!
  14. Aye.... mah gran referred to our cousins in the colonies as gummies. Never knew why, til she passed. Mah auntie told me it was due to the chewing gum. As a wee bairn I was rather daft. I would make a wee remark about the deep fried, but FFS, in my homeland, we're known to deep fry chocolate bars. Never had one and never will. Bawbaggery!
  15. This is one of those leather mysteries that will stay such I think. Much like the ever mystical left-handed leather tools.... Stockists have on offer, what they think sells. I suppose. They offer a wee press, but few fittings. No one carries a complete set of fittings for poppers, all types of rivets and eyelets. But in studying this, I discovered most, but not all presses have a base size of 12mm and the upper threaded part, 6,3mm. Seems I'll have to work with that. Found a stunning old Rodus Spindle Press, completely refurbished for 100€. I do love old tools. Now it will be a matter of finding proper fittings and these are scattered around the Interwebs, all over the EU. Will take time, but such is life. At least I have a solution. Cheers!
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