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  1. Hi all, some days ago I saw a (acrylic?) template for doing a coin pouch similar to the one in the picture. I can't find the link, I've spend the last two days navigating through different webs but without success. Does anyone knows where can I find this template or a pdf pattern? Thanks in advance
  2. Thanks! The pattern to do the bag was easy to follow so I decided to do something different with the dye.
  3. Hi, here it goes a small messenger bag that I did from a pattern. I done it some months ago and now the leather has a beautiful patina that contrast with the colorful dye. Hope you like it
  4. Hi all! as the title said this is a question relates with balls I've got the patterns that Cem shared on another thread. I'd even bought a Tandy leather football kit but I can figure out how to close the ball (the final stitch with the thick thread). I assume is not too difficult but I can do it The second question is about soccer balls and also the final stitching. I asume the ball is done inside out but once you put the inside out, how do you close the ball. Thanks a lot to everyone (sorry for the poor grammar) and I promise to share the results if somebody teach me how to close the balls
  5. Hi cem! Many thanks for your generosity sharing this patterns. I also wish a fast recovery from your recent surgery. I was wondering if you (or someone else) could help me to figure out how to close the football balls Thanks to all of you!
  6. I've been visiting this forum since a while but not decided to say hi till today. I create watch straps and wanted to try some patterns for other products and Google point me back here. The quality and generosity of the members sharing knowledge push me to say hi and thanks.
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