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  1. I haven't used Xylene. I use Crown brand "Pro Thinner". I got it at Lowe's and it works well. When first added to the Glue it doesn't look like it is going to mix in, but within a few minutes and with a little stirring it mixes right in. Smells just like the Weldwood cement.
  2. I use a double headed auto body work hammer. One side is slightly domed and the other is flat.
  3. Thanks for the reply JLS, I was wondering if that was the case.
  4. I got a request to make a holster "just like this one", most of the holster could be a model for the Al Stohlman book except for the lacing. Looking at the trigger area, the leather is joined at a 90 deg angle. The only way I can see to do that is to do a normal lacing stitch but keep it a little loose and then rotate the leather to the 90 deg angle and then tighten up the lacing. The entire seam isn't so extreme, but it's not flat. Any suggestions? This is also 1/4" lace so i'm going to have to make a 1/4" thonging awl since I can't find one.
  5. Very nice, I am new at this and your instructions have clarified the issue nicely. Thank you Steve
  6. I have the book, it is thin on details but does show all the parts needed for a type of construction. Steve
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