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    Leather carving/tooling, leather braiding, pyrography, anything crafty really (my husband says I have too many hobbies)

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  1. Thank you for the kind words. Hopefully my next set is even better.
  2. Front strap is Chicago screw, the buckle side is rivets.
  3. 1st set of chinks using cow camp saddlery dvd; I finished them up a while back but things have been pretty busy. Any advice for improvement is welcome. I want to keep improving.
  4. It wasn’t too bad. Basically a couple days is all. Tooled in the morning, dyed in the evening, Dried overnight, burnished and laced up with rawhide the next day. Thanks for the compliment! Thank you!
  5. Thanks again so much for all the compliments! I haven’t been doing leathercraft all that long so I feel extremely flattered!
  6. Thank you for all the nice comments! I drew and designed everything myself.
  7. I would get one at that price as well!
  8. Here’s a belt I designed and tooled. I really like how this turned out, especially since I had a learning curve tooling sunflowers.
  9. There really are. It amazes me how some people on here are able to make things so 3-dimensional and lifelike. Thank you for the compliments!
  10. Thank you, for all the wonderful comments; I greatly appreciate it. I still feel in awe of so many other’s work on here that I just hope that I can get to be 1/2 as good.
  11. First hired job and first belt. She wanted floral with butterflies and a splash of blue on the butterflies. Any critique is welcome, as I’m still fairly new.
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