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  1. I2bravo, no worries! I didn't take as rude at all. You bring up a good point about the tack that I did not think about. I periodically shift on my seat for comfort and leverage, so I can see sticking to the seat being very annoying. $150 being a piece 25" x 28-35". But you are right, it is way too expensive. Wizcrafts, thanks for the recommendations. I think I might have to do a day trip to go check out Maverick Leather and The Hide House since they are not too far.
  2. Another update: Found a leather supplier by the name of Relicate Custom Leather. They offer a line called MotoCUTS. MotoCUTS start as 1/2 hides that are then cut to length per linear inch. Width averages 28" - 35". They charge $5-6 per linear inch. My seat is roughly 25" x 8", so thats around $150. Actually, I will need more to account for pleating shrinkage. Not much cheaper than buying a whole hide of upholstery leather... I do however really like the color and surface finish. Talked with one of their reps and the leather is aniline dyed and then finished with a wax and urethane topcoat 1-1.2mm so I guess thats around 3oz? Just got a few swatches in the mail. I think I like the dark cafe roaster best.
  3. First time doing leather work, sewing. I am a packaging designer by trade so I am very familiar with patterns. Completely understand that what I am trying to do requires experience and skill. Realistically, I will probably have someone sew the seat for me for this project. None the less, I still want to get into this craft. I am looking for a hobby trade to get me into the custom motorcycle scene. Leatherworkers who specialize in custom moto seats and bags are hard to come by, at least with my experience in the SF bay area. So I thought this would be a great opportunity. When you say nomad is not the right type of leather, why not? Just trying to learn. Stretchy, 3-4 oz, skive test. Got it! Thanks!
  4. Awesome, thanks! Yeah, I think I prefer a tuck and roll. Chromexcel looks promising. Would you recommend the 2-3 oz fronts or 3.5-4 sides?
  5. This is great, thank you. Very detailed on the process. However, this does not show the leather thickness, tanning type, or machine used to sew.
  6. I recently visited Tany's Leather in Union City and San Mateo and sorted through a few types of leather that I liked. In the attached image: Upholstery Leather (3-4 oz) Nomad Oily Side Leather, pull-up (2-3oz) Kodiak Oily Side Leather, (4-5oz) (seemed much too thick) Also found what they call "utility sides" that are 3-4 oz. This seemed like a good candidate but they only had one piece that was not in good shape.
  7. Hey guys, I've been reading up on the forums for a while now and finally joined to ask a few questions that I could not find the answers to. I am looking to build a medium to dark brown pleated tuck and roll leather motorcycle seat. (See examples attached) My questions pertain to the type and thickness of leather and the sewing machine needed to make this seat. I have been researching leather types and am a little overwhelmed with all of the options. I really like the inconsistency of brown oil tanned leather. I am not sure if this will be ideal for a motorcycle however. Will the oil rub off on my pants? Will it hold up under use? I looked at all the upholstery grade leather and it seems too shiny and consistent in texture and appearance. Should I use chrome tanned, oil tanned, aniline died, wax, urethane top coat? It seems to me like 3-4 oz will be the max thickness that I can use and still be able to pleat. Second subject is the type of machine. I understand that I will be needing a walking foot compound feed machine with #138? thread? Does this sound correct? I know that this is a very broad question that has many answers based on opinions, but where should I start in terms of manufacture and model for a machine that can accomplish the seats below? Thanks in advance for the help! Evan
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