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  1. I came in on that stitch line a tiny amount and it should work for 7/8oz leather.
  2. Bayou Bengal

    Mold Gun Storage

    Very interested
  3. Bayou Bengal

    Mold Gun Storage

    That beats the rubbermaid bin I drop them in. I need to do that. I’m tired of bending over digging for this or that
  4. Bayou Bengal

    how do you hold your mallet?

    I’ve never even considered holding it in my weak hand. Now I want to try it
  5. Strong disclaimer: I haven’t had a chance to form this up, so I don’t know if the stitch lines are 100% correct. I scratched this up this morning to test this evening. I also hope I’m uploading this correctly. It should be a good start, and I hope it helps. filename-1.pdf
  6. I will in a couple of days. I’ll get back with y’all.
  7. Bayou Bengal

    Help identifying a cutting machine

    I went to talk to a guy that’s runs a pawn shop because I knew he’d gotten some leather equipment in a long while back, but he didn’t know what he wanted to sell and what he wanted to keep. But now he wants to offload whatever he can. I jumped on the chandler walking foot for $500, and we’ve settled on $500 for this machine, but I don’t know anything about it. I don’t have a problem walking away from it, but if it works and cuts leather strips, I’m down like 4 flat tires. Any info would be greatly appreciated, especially replacement parts and maybe even how to use it.
  8. Bayou Bengal

    Greetings from Mississippi

    Welcome, from Rankin County.
  9. Bayou Bengal

    Flap Holster

    I see what you mean. No, it’s where the dye changed the color and made it blend in. I’ve never had that happen before until this run with saddle tan, but it’s done it on 3 projects. Thank you! Thank you very much. The customer was specific about what he wanted. Thank you very much!
  10. Flap holster for a Browning Hi-Power. There are 4 Chicago screws on the back to attach it to the pancake. The pancake portion is 7/8 oz and the backing is 3/4 oz. The main holster is 6/7 oz and lined with 4/5 oz. 7/8 oz welt
  11. Bayou Bengal


    Very clean and neat
  12. Bayou Bengal

    Tippmann Boss $1200 shipped

  13. Bayou Bengal

    One year on.

    One of my favorite things is getting pictures from customers of items I’ve made for them. I encourage them to email or text me pictures, or upload them to my Facebook page. It’s a really cool thing to see over time.
  14. Bayou Bengal

    Tippmann Boss $1200 shipped

    Price drop $1050 shipped with all accessories.
  15. Bayou Bengal

    Butt stock sleeve/cover

    I dig the pebbled textured border. Great job