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  1. I don’t know how I missed this post, but I did until just now. I try to make them match. I hate when I flub it. tell me more about this slot. I’d be interested in seeing that. and thank you. A compliment from JLS is a good day
  2. That was exactly what he said he wanted to look like. Not too bad for a Chief. I talked to him the other day. He wants a matching watchband for a family member, but he says he gets compliments everywhere he goes. Thank you for the kind words.
  3. That’s right, it’s to hold the main belt together. I machine stitched it on a cobra 4. It’s been a while since I’ve hand stitched a belt. also, thank you for the kind words
  4. I’ve never had that trouble except with close range aerosol leather sheen. I do cut it 50/50 with water, and I’ve started dipping it. No problems so far
  5. Thank you! Thank you. Those are made with a stitching groover.
  6. I tried a few weeks ago to satisfy my curiosity. I kind of tried to throw it together without much of a pattern. Theres an instructables on it and There’s several YouTube videos of in-depth construction. I still want to make one.
  7. In my experience, I’ve noticed that even sometimes a dye color differs on the same hide. Chemicals on top of chemicals. It’s kind of like a science experiment.
  8. They’re not much more work. Just a little more material. I never wore one until about 5 or 6 years ago, but I really like them. I’ve repaired about 2 dozen from local law enforcement though. Those take a beating.
  9. It’s 1-3/4” and tapers to 1” edit: I meant that the billets were 1”. I have tapered belts on my mind today
  10. 8/9oz Wickett & Craig English Bridle backed with 3/4oz skirting. The badge holder is matching 7/8oz bridle. White 277 stitching.
  11. Making rigs like these is what got me started in this business. I don’t get to do them often, but they’re my favorite pieces to make. Thank you!
  12. thank you. It’s just a single loop that tapered from, I think 2-1/2” down to 1-1/4”, and rounded at the top and bottom. I wanted it wide enough so that it wouldn’t have much wiggle room
  13. I think all of my dyes 50/50 with denatured alcohol. And the Walnut Dye should be a lot lighter; however, Since I’ve started adding more layers of the dye, it gives it a nice glow when it’s sealed. So, I just make a couple of extra passes over it, and it’s done. It’s still significantly less dye used than sponging, daubering (I’m sure that’s the correct term), and dipping. Plus, it’s thinned, so it’s even less. And all without the blotches, especially on lighter dyes. Not really. It’s 4-5/8 barrel and its snug around the cylinder. It will slide out if you dump it out upside down. But it sits in nice without the thong attached. Not too snug, but just enough friction that it doesn’t flop around like a slinky. edited for barrel length
  14. Much appreciated. That means a lot coming from you.
  15. It was the first time I’d used this stamp. Took some practice to get it halfway decent. I appreciate the kind words
  16. I’ve had it freeze and then, for a lack of a better phrase, not act right after it thawed. Some chemistry sh** happened and then it didn’t work so good. Same with resolene and neatsfoot
  17. thank you! When people are unsure of what Color combination to order, it’s my first recommendation. I really do love it.
  18. 2-3/4” cartridge belt that tapers to 1-1/2”. Walnut dye and natural stitching. I’ve been going really heavy on the airbrush, but I just like the way it glows when it’s sealed and buffed. Matching border stamping on the belt and the 2 fully lined holsters and belt. All leather is 7/8oz Wickett & Craig Skirting. @JLSleather got me hooked on the split skirting, and now I can’t go back. I haven’t woven cartridge loops in a really long time, but I like this look over the stitched loops, and I can’t really explain why. But, after much experimentation with cartridge loops, I’ve landed on 1” width. I really wanted to add the cartridge loops on a separate piece of leather and dye that a rich chocolate, but not everybody likes 2-tone. I do think a nice buckle set would’ve made this pop more. Thanks for lookin. I hit submit a little too quick, like an idiot. Here’s the rest of the pictures
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