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  1. So I am trying to get used to my Boss and having some trouble getting the stitch right. The lock is coming to the top side of the stitch. The manual suggests that I loosen up the tensioners until the issue is resolved, but I loosen both of them all the way and nothing is fixed. Any suggestions? Thanks
  2. How well does this technique hold up over time?
  3. So i just bought a Boss machine and am having a hard time figuring out my thread options. Right now I use .8mm Slam and Tiger thread for all my hand stitching because I like to show off the thread. I know that the machine will use up to a 415 and that is fairly close to the .8mm that i am used to, but it doesn't seem that anyone makes any colors other than white and black. 207 seems to have quite a few colors, but is much smaller. Anyone have some pic comparisons of this that i could look at thanks
  4. Title says it all. Looking to buy a Tippmann Boss. Also looking for accessories. Thanks
  5. Finished this up yesterday with the .8mm ecru. Thread definitely lays nice. looking forward to getting some .6mm
  6. Got my order in of the Slam Ecru.8mm thread in and got some stitching done. Feels nice. Not quite as waxy as Tiger Thread in .8mm but still for the price is very nice. Looking forward to getting some more colors and work done with it.
  7. Ordering some now. Looking forward to trying something to replace the sometimes hard to find tiger thread haha
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