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  1. https://www.tandyleather.com/en/product/embossed-gator-strip?sSearch=embossed gator belt I'm 95% certain that they just used this strip & dyed it with the turquoise waterstain, you could also go the route of buying the embossed double shoulder & strapping it out yourself to save a ton of money. Hope that helps! -Red
  2. Thanks y'all, very much! It's really nice to immediately see how supportive this community is! & I got kind of lucky with the tooling, in that all the years I spent drawing as a kid translated somewhat. I say "somewhat" because I'm still adjusting to holding a swivel knife properly. I may not have been too anxious about carving a design into the leather, but I assure you I'm plenty chicken still when it comes to whether or not I think I can line up a pattern just right & have all the holes in line haha.
  3. Here are a couple of the first items I have made. I've always been interested in leather work & used to draw when I was a kid, but after inheriting a bit of leather after my grandfather passed I decided I wanted to have some things made out of the leather he left for me. A good friend of mine is a leather worker, & after asking him if he'd be interested in the commissioned work he recommended that I try it out myself, & I'm glad I did. These are the pieces I'm using as practice before I touch the leather I inherited. Anyhow, I feel like it's going pretty well considering the short amount of time I've had to put into it. It's already evident that this is surpassing the hobby level & entering "passion" status, now if I could just get more hours out of the day...
  4. This is my first post, so here's a little organizer I just made out of a knife block I purchased at the thrift store for 75 cents. I think this is a pretty neat way to sort out your space for an incredibly small amount of money. I had a little bit of chip-out at the bottom due to the low speed of my brace and bit, but now I have an opportunity to add some tooled leather to cover that little mishap! I was also pleased that I was able to utilize a bit of the leather I recently inherited from my grandfather to attach to the sides. I'm just starting out and don't have much room currently, so it is very necessary to maximize the space I do have. Hopefully this was the right thread to share this, thanks for taking a look! -Red
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