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  1. thanks for the replies! I understand having respect for the old way of doing things. I mainly intend to use it to make acrylic templates at first, but I wanted to get some feedback from those who have cut leather with a laser too. I'm told that it's possible to cut stitching holes on an angle similar to using a pricking iron which I think sounds much more appealing than the round holes that I have seen before. Anyways, I signed up for an introductory class next month so that I will be able to rent the machine when I want to. I will post pics with what I come up with!
  2. Hey everyone, I work in a maker-space and have access to laser cutters. I was planning on making acrylic templates for some of my designs, but I am also wondering about using the laser to cut the leather pieces out directly. I know that the laser chars the edges but are they still able to be finished and burnished? Is the smell really that bad? I mostly use vegetable tanned leather of Horween Chromexcel, horeside, etc. Thanks
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