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  1. So I made this bag.. The plaid is lambskin and I backed it with foam (Which I probably shouldn't' have)... it was very very thin and I needed to give it some sort of structure. Is their a way to get rid of wrinkles? I tried to steam it with the shower .. I tried steam from iron.. Not sure what else to try.. worse case I keep it for myself
  2. Okay i will have to go out tomorrow morning and get a teeny screw driver.. i don't have any flathead that small!! I will try tomorrow and see how it goes! Thank you all for the help! I'll post tomorrow and see how it goes
  3. Nope not yet because I'm trying to now figure out how :\ Juki's are so much easier to work with.. this is my first consew
  4. i actually now see the piece of white thread
  5. Yep curve part faces right and the long straight part left.. and thread from left to right.. but nothing is moving.. the thread separate bracket is not letting anything spin in the bobbin area
  6. I do have it going through the tension discs and down through the stitch regulator (if that's what its called the one under the tension disc)
  7. No thread is in there, or that i could see. I made quick video too
  8. well now it doesn't move at all i think the the hook timing thing is causing problems.. not even sure anymore with this machine.. I am so annoyed with it.
  9. So I bought this cylinder arm machine. It worked fine at the dealer for sewing and picking up thread. I re-threaded it now to the thread color i needed. Filled the bobbin and it won't pick up the bobbin thread. Bobbin spins fine. No thread stuck in there. Put brand new needle. So after unsuccessfully getting my bobbin to pick up the thread. I put back the one that the dealer had and that was working.. Still won't pick up thread. Not sure what I'm doing wrong
  10. I use CS Osborne punches.. SO MUCH better than the Tandy ones.. Have you tried hammering on hard surface like the floor. Thats only way my Tandy ones worked for some reason ugh
  11. Im having the same issues above.. I just got a Consew 227r on friday! And my nylon bonded shredded and I cant seem to get safety clutch released. I am so annoyed.
  12. Hah I went to pick up my juki and also came home with a Consew cylinder arm..
  13. ill post tomorrow once i pick it up.. unless gregg chimes in first
  14. thank you gregg.. ill have to come by tomorrow morning to pick up!! :\
  15. Another leather bag I have sewn up. It's sewn with gunmetal suede leather! This stuff really stains the hand when sewing! With tan cordura lining, zippered pocket and slip pocket
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