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  1. VERY COOL! Love the design! What type of finish are you going to use on it?
  2. Very cool! I just added myself . Hey Twin Oaks! I just checked out your web-site! Very nice! I hope my work looks as good as yours someday. We still need to do lunch!
  3. So, I finally had some time to work on the "problem" piece. I think overall, it did't turn out half bad. I learned a lot with this one and I appreciate everyones suggestions and advice. I did manage to use an Osborne awl, sharpened to a ridiculous point, on the stitching that holds the back flap on. This will obviously take a great deal of practice and patience on my part. I have to ask a rookie question though. After I stabbed the holes with the awl, I attempted to stitch with two needles. Well, I must say that the awl produces a smaller hole than the punch, and it was VERY difficult to place both needles through one hole at the same time. Am I overlooking something? I still have not been to Tandy to get the books yet and I am guessing that they will shed some light on my problem. Regardless, I am pleased with the final product and as I stated earlier, I have learned a lot.
  4. First, I just want to say thanks for all of the suggestions and advice...you people really are top notch! Second, I do not own any of the tools suggested, but I will be ordering them from Tandy this week hopefully. The nearest store is 2 hours away. The trick to having the tools is knowing how to use them properly, and I have no one here to show me. So, I will be doing some research and probably asking all of you questions...if that is ok. As for the glue, I do have Barge cement, but it seems to be a little messy (at least for me) and I wind up getting it where it isn't wanted. Again, it is probably just me being impatient and in a hurry...gotta work on that. Bruce, I like the registratiion mark idea, but I am not sure I follow exactly how to do it. I re-read your post a couple of times and I think I understand the idea, just not sure how to execute it properly. Perhaps I will try it out on some scrap pieces. BondoBob, you mentioned that you don't pre-punch your holes for stitching. What type of needles do you use and where can I purchase them? I have had some luck using the "S" curved needles from Tandy, but they seem to make rather large holes and sometimes cut through a stitch. Twin Oaks, the awl that I have is not a professional quality awl. It is round, not four sided, if that makes a difference? I realize that I need to go ahead and spend the money to invest in a high quality model as you have suggested. I will look in to the Bob Douglas blades and hopefully, with some practice, be able to achieve some sort of consistent results. Lastly, here is a picture of the corrected pocket. It turned out much better this time and I am much happier with it. No, it's not perfect, but better. Now, I just need to figure out this whole "burnishing" thing...lol
  5. David, You are so very right...on all accounts. I guess I was excited after cutting out the pieces and wanted to see the finished product before really taking the time to lay things out properly. Thanks for you comments and observations, it allows me to step back, take a deep breath, and look at things from a fresh perspective. After looking at the stitching holes, you are 100% spot on...they are crooked and I see it plain as day now. I will try the string method as you have suggested...great idea by the way. I got a laugh out of your "getting creative" idea and saying it was meant to carry on the left hip...I thought about that very same thing! On a side note, I am not crazy about punching holes in the leather for my stitching holes because the holes are so much bigger than the thread and it doesn't look that great. I have tried wheeling it and then punching holes with an awl, but I guess I am just not doing that correctly as it didn't turn out so great on a test piece either. I have a stitching pony but man was it hard to force the needles through the leather without stretching the holes out...so I figured I might as well just punch them out. Am I just being impatient? Too much coffee?
  6. Okay... I tried wetting the gusset, and twisting/stretching it back into alignment. No luck. So, I decided to "de-construct" the whole thing and try to start over. I took some pictures so that you could get a fresh perspective on the "parts" and my poor alignment of the holes. I also took a picture of the larger main pocket that I had begun to stitch before I got any further. I also took a photo of where I used the stitching wheel before I have punched any more holes. So, I am all ears. Teach me, Master Yoda.
  7. Yeah, I am still a beginner, so everything is a learning process. Is there a trick to gussets? Maybe some sage advice or technique that works for you? If I were to cut the stitching and remove the front panel and attempt to reattatch it, would that work? I am willing to try wetting the gusset as you suggested. Do I need to hold it in the straight position until dry, or just forcefully twist it? The way I laid out te stitching holes, which was obviously wrong, was to line one end of the gusset up with the top of one side of the pocket and then use the wheel stitch guide down the gusset, then down the pocket. I then punched th holes with my hole punch. So, what's the correct way? (LOL) I appreciate your suggestion.
  8. Okay...I admit it. I need help. (Do nottell my wife) Here is the deal. I am making a small leather shoulder bag, kinda like a map case. It has one larger main pocket, and thena smaller front pocket. I cut out my pieces using a wooden pattern that I made and then cut the gussetts to size. I started with the small front pocket and sewed on the gussett...all was well, or so I thought. I then proceeded to sew the pocket with gusset to the main front part of the bag. Once again, all was well, or so I thought. When I had finished, I stepped back to look at my work, and much to my dissappointment, my small front pcket was crooked. Not just slightly tilted either, but CROOKED. I was very careful, or so I thought, to line everything up using a stitching wheel as my guide along with a metal T-square so that the lines were straight. What did I do wrong, and how can I remedy this without wasting this leather? Is it possible that I twisted or contorted the gussett? Perhaps I pulled too hard on the needles while sewing? I need some help. Here are a few pics so that you can see what I am taling about. Sorry if I seem frustrated, I guess I am. Thanks in advance.
  9. Love your style, Spider. I'm digging the mustache on the skull!
  10. Very nice, Jim! What part of Alabama are you in?
  11. Man, these are very nice! The skulls are wicked looking! You did a fantastic job and the rivets are the icing on the cake. I built an explorers case that I posted pics of, but yours are way nicer than mine. Yours look like they can take a beating. I am humbled and wish mine would have turned out half as nice as yours. If you don't mind my asking, do you have a pattern for these? I would really like to try my hand at making one. Seriously Tom, these are really cool.
  12. I used to date a woman who would have loved that! All kidding aside, great work!
  13. Man, I am just humbled by your work! AMAZING! This is one of my favorites to date. Really nice!
  14. Very, very nice! My first gussets were nowhere near that professionl looking. Very nice job and good design.
  15. I agree...I had to look at it closely and scan it a couple of times to read it. (just my 2 cents)
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