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  1. Hi John

    Is there any chance you could send me the higher resolution jpg image of the US postal bag that you have?

    Many thanks

  2. Hi John

    Is there any chance you could send me the higher resolution jpg image of the US postal bag that you have?

    Many thanks


    Michael Campbell

  3. If anyone has interest in this stitching horse, please let me know. I already have two that I like and have rehabbed so I can use them. I just don't have room for another one. I am just learning hand stitching, getting another one would be putting the horse before the stitch. I also have a small acquisition addiction and you will help me heal by removing this temptation. When you review the photos, you will see the screw allows for a large piece to be worked on. I am hoping that someone here knows the specific application. In any event, this is on craigslist in Vermont and I do not think anyone else has inquired about it. I would hate to see something like this go to the dump and be lost. If anyone has an interest, I will negotiate the best deal, currently he is asking for 80.00, and I will break it down for shipment. I am nearly positive I can ship it through Greyhound for about $50.00. I am not looking to make money on this, just pay for the box, shipping and reimburse me for the ultimate cost. The owner claims the top of the jaws are not steel based on the patina. He emailed me this morning and told me the screw turns well, is tight, but it works. Obviously, if there is interest outside the US or Canada, the Greyhound idea won't work. Their buses do not do well in salt water. So, whatever the cost of shipping would be. This looks like it could be disassembled, box support legs removed and shipped as a smaller package. New owner can rebuild legs the way she or he would like. I will take good photos to make it easy. If you are interested, let me know here or send me a message. John
  4. I asked him about any marking info, but he said he did not see any. He did send me more pictures which clarify things a little. The jaws are not all metal, but the design of this stitching horse is not like any I have seen, not that I have seen hundreds. The metal screw adjustment in the base perplexes me, it seems like something pretty big would fit. I do not have a clue, hopefully one of you will. I am interested in it because it is different , but I have two stitching horses that I like and do not need another one. If this one is interesting to any one of you, let me know. I am fairly certainIy can ship it with Greyhound for a decent price. The gentlemen seems very nice and would probably take less than the $80.00 he is asking for. I asked him if all the parts moved and were not bound up. He said they all seemed fine and he was going to grease up the screw and make sure it turns smoothly. He said the patina on the jaw tops lead him to believe it was brass or copper or something other than steel, it has not rusted. Looks like the plate on the side of the jaws is of the same material.If I were to ship it it may make sense to take of the square base and only ship the rest.
  5. Has anyone ever heard of a harness stitching horse with all metal jaws? I am hoping to go look at it this week.
  6. Do you still have Vergez Blanchard Hawkbill Very sharp! $65 ?
  7. This is the third horse I have currently. It came from an attic on the islands, Grand Isle/South Hero Vt. I do not know much more about where it came from. This horse has jaws fixed at a 45 degree angle. Belt needs replacement. Wood is solid. It does not have cross members on the legs, but each leg runs right up to flush in the seat. It appears that the angle could be changed simply be talking the brackets off and repositioning. Depending on the angle preferred, the current brackets may need to be modified or replaced. For more detailed pictures of all three or one in particular, send me your private email and I will get them off to you today. I have to do some painting and a few other projects, so it will be tonight before I can get pictures off to you. John
  8. Slickshot, Send me your private email and I will send you all the photos of the three stitching horses I have for sale. Different views of each. Here are three single views of each. The first is solid and has a small drawer. The belt will need replacement. I am 5'6" and this one is a very comfortable height, allowing my feet to rest on the floor comfortably. The second on, with the piano stool top is disassembled. One cross piece has an end that is chipped where it enters the hole in the leg. I took it to my local woodworking friend and he told me that he would glue it and it would be solid. I have detailed pictures of all three. This one would be easiest to ship. The stool seat is fixed. Belt would need to be replaced. The third is in the next post, apparently the file size was too large.See next post. John
  9. I am making a stitching horse ready for use, but I am perplexed about how to re-align the jaws. They are off about 1/2 inch. I am reluctant to remove the hinges and reposition them. Anyone run into this and have an idea how to best approach repair? Stitching horse is in excellent shape but for this. I have other pictures if it would help.
  10. I need help with identification. The closest thing I can find using the same language is Lowentraut, listed with CS Osbourne in an 1885 hardware catalog, under tracing wheels. They came from a long closed hardware store in NH that had been open since, according to my source, the late 1700's. I have my doubts about that, but 1800's I could believe. I cannot tell if it is a fabric tracing wheel or for leather use. Did Osbourne make a tracing wheel?
  11. Harness Repairing 1921 PDF Download 47 M
  12. Manual for farriers, horseshoers, saddlers, and wagoners or teamsters : 1914 Downloadable PDF 7 MB
  13. If anyone has interest, don't be shy about making an offer. Better a fast nickel than a slow quarter.
  14. Vermont Fur Trappers This links to their page that provides a price list for available tanned hides, including raccoon.
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