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  1. Is this lot still available?
  2. Nameplates are made by Metal Mementos. She does AMAZING work. We have some pretty sick dog tags from her too
  3. I have a hand press from Allstarco with an assortment of dies for sale. Allstarco sells a variety of dies that fit this press. They are used for setting rim sets for adding crystal rhinestones to your projects. I used swarovski crystals in my projects and this has been a great help. It is barely used as I want to go with different model. Items Included w/ Retail Value: Hand Press - $85 Die for size 20 (5mm) Round Nailheads or SS20 Rim Settings - $38 Die for SS30 & SS34 (6mm and 7mm) Round Rim Settings - $38 Die for size 16 (4mm and 4.5mm) Round Nailheads or SS16 Rim Settings - $38 Includes some pre-set crystal chatons ($20 Value) an assortment of 16ss Swarovski flat back crystals with rim settings ($100 value) and my leftover spot nailheads ($20 value). Will sell ALL for $220 shipping included anywhere in the US.
  4. Paco Collars had a tutorial put out from their owner a while back. That's been a great help for me when I was starting.
  5. If this is still available for sale let me know :)! I've been looking for a hand press for rim setting and would like to avoid the huge cost of getting a brand new one.
  6. I buy hardware from Dreamtime Creations mostly. They have rim-sets and flat back crystals. Other hardware- buckles & D-rings are from BuckleGuy I like to just go with the flow and see where a design takes me. Sometimes I get the creative bug and I have to go make something, other times I avoid eye-contact with my work station for a few days . I know Rhinestone Guy has some heavy duty long prongs that work better for thicker leather, and they have a ton of information on their website as well describing different crystals, rim sets, sizing, etc. Thank you! Much appreciated
  7. https://www.etsy.com/listing/265133197/10-pieces-1-12-welded-d-rings-metal-15?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=antique brass d ring 1.5&ref=sr_gallery_15 This Etsy shop has welded and non-welded of various sizes and gauges.
  8. I figured with my 1st post on here being for help, I should make a post including some of my past work. I'm still new to making dog collars. I find it really enjoyable and a good stress reliever on those tough days at work. I like to use swarovski crystals in almost everything I make- i'm not one for plain and simple collars. I have no idea how to price my collars out, bill for my time, etc.
  9. Hello all, I'm attempting to taper a collar for a customer, but as I've never done it before my first couple attempts were a disaster- uneven and ugly. Does anyone have any tips on how to taper? Tools I should be using? Thank you!
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