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  1. Thank you for that chart.  According to it, the correct system is 16 x 246 NW or 128 x 22 NW.  However, I'm just not clear which needles from which companies I should purchase.

    I purchased a Groz-Beckert 128x20 which is listed as the same as 128x22, but it does not work with my machine.  Currently, the needle in the machine is a Schmetz 110, but perhaps the previous owner changed the needle bar height and timing to work with a non-compatible needle and now it's not working with the needles I just purchased  I'm just not sure.  That's why it would be extremely helpful to me if forum members who currently use the 236 could tell me which needles they use, specifically.

    Thank you!

  2. The manual for the 236W or 236G post-bed machine designates the needle as Singer 128X.

    Can anyone who uses the machine tell me which non-singer needles they use?  I'be been recommended several Groz-Beckart needles with various systems, and none seem to be appropriate.

    Also, are there needles available with points other than the triangle point?

    Lastly, has anyone changed the needle bar or adjusted their needle bar to accept a different needle system?


    Thanks so much!

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