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  1. What are you looking to get on the head and clicker knives?
  2. Sceaden

    Rawhide Mallet 8 oz

    Posted on eBay:
  3. Sceaden

    Quick Change Beveler

    Posted on eBay:
  4. Sceaden

    Quick Change Beveler

    $20 shipped?
  5. Sceaden

    Rawhide Mallet 8 oz

    $10 + shipping?
  6. Looking to sell my used Vaughan brand Rawhide Mallet. Made in the USA and lightly used. One side of the head is pristine and the other has some wear. These typically sell for around $30 new. $15 + shipping
  7. Looking to sell my lightly used Quick Change Edge Beveler Handle and two blades by Horshoe Brand Tools. New for all three is $29 plus shipping from Weaver. Blade Size #2 is unused. $24 shipped in the ConUS. or make me an offer.
  8. Kind of like Barry King who insists on charging $10 for shipping in a flat rate priority mail box when I would be very happy with first class for $4.
  9. A big aspect of shipping cost is regions for home addresses. I've shipped items to random spots in the Dakota's and paid double or triple then to a different city with the same distance.
  10. Sceaden

    Viking raiders WIP

    Beautiful work!
  11. Sceaden

    Pfaff 230 - any experience?

    Old thread I know but I'm looking at picking up a nice used one of these for sewing waxed duck canvas. Sounds like it should be a good option for about $100?
  12. Sceaden

    Lot of 12 Singer 78-3 and Consew 28 mix

    Man this is really close to me and I would love to get one nice working Singer for heavy canvas work but I wouldn't know what to do with a lot this big...