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  1. hi does anyone have the pattern & instuctions I could get would like to make item as a gift? championknights1@gmail.com
  2. Hi what kind of paint can one use on leather & any tips so you do not have to keep painting item all the time or over time. Also if you seal the leather will that keep you form having to be repaint leather, if so what sealer is best to use on leather painted objects? Also if you seal the leather & item is wet molded will sealing item on just the top keep item form loosing its shape if gets wet?
  3. Hi Does anyone have oka leaf pattern stencil I could get & be able to give a list of tools one needs, along with instructions for looks like would be fun to make. If you happen to have a pattern could you please email me pattern to championknights1@gmail.com
  4. what harbor freight press do you use? and any tips to help from cracking, if wanting to used those backed by wood?
  5. Hi I was trying to find out more on how copy right works with patterns, templates, photos & so on? If you see a pattern, template or photo, you wish to make that you can sell later how much do you need to change to make it your own for selling? If you find free patterns or templates can one make & sale those or how does that work? Is it true that if you buy something like coloring books or books with art work or pattern, template or drawling can one use those for items they make? Also if you buy something like a purse or that & you make a pattern off it can you use that pattern to sale, Any help would be great. Just asking for once get better at leather items can sell them & that.
  6. Also plate is not sharp but smooth over the full surface.
  7. Hi Can one use a letterpress printers block on leather, that will come out clearly. If one can use how does one use correctly so does not crack the metal block plate?
  8. Hi I got a metal embossing plate at least that is what I was told when I bought it, I am told one had to put in a press to use, but wished to find out can one use one without a press for do not wish to break the plate for never have seen one like it. Any help would be great, for would love to use the item.
  9. hi would love to make this item for a friend, any way to get the pattern & instructions for the item please championknights1@gmail.com
  10. Hi, I am still very new to making things in leather & am having a hard time selling items. Is their any good places besides craigslist, that one can list leather items for sale that is free to list items.
  11. Photo not coming up for me and cased leather is just the leather one is going to imprinted? And lino blocks look to be made of wood and just seeing if that is right? Of course if might be a wood and foam so let me know the right one. And if all wood could one use like 2 pieces of 2x4 pieces and c- clamps for this item? Should it be wood and foam could one make like some 2x4 that have some kind of foam on them to use? And is their a kind a foam that is best? Or can you tell me steeps to making a home made lino block? And any kinds of c- clamps that are best to use?
  12. Need help on the kind of stamp this is and also using it right. I thought it could be an arbor press leather stamp yet like to ask first. The stamp is 4" wide and 6" long
  13. I am looking for the Star of Life leather stamp that looks like this one-
  14. I am interested in buying sets, lots and such of leather 3D stamps. Please message me on those you have and pricing for them.
  15. Looking for Craftool 8140 Celtic 3/4" 3D stamp set or letters G & I out of the set. Please let me know what you have and your prices.
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