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  1. Thanks for sharing these and the Taobao links, multivitamins. I've been eyeing the 3.38 and 3.85 mm. I ordered the 2.7 mm by mistake (wanted 3 mm) but it's nice so I'm keeping it. These are my first irons so I can't compare. For sure, they get the job done. Here is 2.7 mm with 0.45 mm Amy Roke thread. I haven't tried with the 0.35 mm thread sample they sent Amy Roke has this pic on one of their listings to show stitching from their pricking irons range I want them all but must pace myself...
  2. Thank you for the recommendation. Will the polish only mask the damage temporarily or restore it? I don't expect fully stored but at least less gritty feeling
  3. One of my shell cordovan hides was stored with some papers against it. Four years later, I peel the papers off and the surface is gritty feeling and some color has come off. Is there a way to restore this?
  4. No problem! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work. Sent you a message. Thank you
  5. multivitamins, thanks for the tips! Do you think I should cancel my order and order directly from Atelier Amy Roke? I'm not keen on the 5% Paypal fee they mentioned in e-mail so I went to Taobao.
  6. Nice topic here. I'm looking to fill the gaps in my tool set and excited to find lesser known makes. Amy Roke is a bit cheaper on their Taobao shop so I blindly took the leap with my wife and Asia-based friends guiding (reading for) me. We chose the ship-to-Taobao option for 30 yuan instead of paying 30 yuan to Taobao to allow me to contact the seller to post. Yeah, maybe should have dealt direct via e-mail but it's a learning experience. Apparently, there are third parties whose business is to fetch your stuff from Taobao's warehouse and pass on to you. If Taobao/agents gouge us on US shipping or can't post to US, I'll just ship to a friend in Asia and figure things out later. I expect delays with their new year holiday. From the sound of their email, they don't have stock on hand and we have to wait for production to resume.
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