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  1. A little background. I've been sewing my whole life and have several machines as I said. This is my first heavy leather machine and I tried to use it as I do my others...quickly sewing with little thought. First, I was stitching a heavy multi-layer (5 layers with dry cement between) very dry veg tan when the machine first seemed to lock up in the middle of it plunging through the layers. There was a sort of belt spin sound. I found after inspection (cutting the sheath apart again) that I had hit a deeply scared piece I had used for the welt and that plus multiple layers of cement I assumed caused the stoppage. Second, I was sewing too quickly through stitch holes already placed and deflecting off of the knot and thread breaking needles. Impossible you say? I thought so too until Tony showed me exactly what I was doing and broke a needle doing it. Going slowly through the stitched holes again has solved that issue completely. I'd like to be able to say it was the machine and possibly something wasn't tight enough when I picked it up, but watching Tony work, that would be impossible. My fault all of it I'm sure and still LMC took care of it for nothing. Only Vince gave me a hard time about it, but we're a lot alike he and I, so it wasn't taken or meant as anything but busting my walnuts.
  2. I purchased a Cobra Class 4 last year directly from Cobra Steve in Ontario CA. I almost immediately had issues with heavy dry leather. I was breaking needles and eventually skipping stitches. I had some personal issues and wasn't able to bring the machine in for tuning right away. After almost a year and many frustrating attempts to make the machine work as it was intended, I spoke to Steve about getting it tuned. Steve was willing to send a box and cover all shipping costs both ways. This would have cost him hundreds for sure. I'm only an hour away from the shop and decided I'd just bring it in to him. Well, the LMC Master Tech Tony walked me through every adjustment necessary, explained why it needed to be adjusted and how the machine worked from top to bottom. Literally an hour and a half at least. I walked away with a significantly better knowledge of my machine and of course, a perfectly tuned stitcher. Tony showed me exactly what I was doing wrong, why I was breaking needles and how I created the issues in the first place. Steve didn't charge me a penny, he even said that if it goes out of tune again, he'd fix it for free....again. I worked for many years in customer service and was absolutely blown away at how well I was treated. The entire drive home I said to myself what an amazing company this is. I created all the issues and he fixed them for nothing...who does that? I'll need another (replacing my 5th) sewing machine in the reasonably near future and had been eyeing a Juki for many months. Now, I'll only buy from Cobra Steve. He's got a machine for every level of stitching that I will ever use and with service like this, there is no question where I'll buy it. Thank you to Cobra Steve, Tony and Vince at Leather Machine Co. You guys are the BEST! Red
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