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  1. I use a different way of which my own. I'll clean the leather with denatured alcohol, spray dye it with an airbrush, lightly oil it, do my sitching, then finish the edges and final coat of resolene or balm with atom wax. After that a light polish of saddle soap. If I painted the leather it'd be a different way. Works for me.
  2. This just a simple cover. Don't have a whole lot of leather left. Opted out on pockets.
  3. I downloaded your how to pdf on the pancake style. Gonna give it a try!
  4. Well I haven't yet to find. Gave up. Guess there's plan b.
  5. If you have one available id willing to purchase it :). Thanks again
  6. No lol. I even looked on your etsy store. Was planning on finding a template then taking to office Depot to get printed. I have access to the gun and could make one but I've never tried making a holler. I figured if someone else went through trouble making and selling the pattern I'd buy it. All my leatherwork has been self taught.
  7. Seen he has one for an lcp but not lc9
  8. Anyone know where to find in digital format? Thanks!
  9. For a normal hobbyist their min order don't fit the budget. Unless do a group buy. Did this frequently when was making beer yet the group buys were too far. Main reason I buy from springfield leather. I wish I had some 2-3 or even 2 oz but gotta wait ;). Sure would like to work with bridle. Sometimes I don't like messing with the dyes. Even got lazy using eco crap cause it's easy to clean up.
  10. Call em back see if you can order some good herman oak and double check see if they can cut for ya. Just FYI skiving herman oak is kinda tough even with a sharp blade. Wet it and then skive. I thought my blade wasn't sharp enough yet come find out it was the leather cause it was so dense. Edit: the import ain't bad they carry.
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